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Help For BOREAS Guest Investigator Program Proposers

The BOREAS Guest Investigator Program is seeking proposals for research that exploits the BOREAS data set to address the following general scientific issues:

Proposals are being solicited to address these key BOREAS objectives:

Research activities of interest include intercomparison of data sets, evaluation of BOREAS data products, remote sensing algorithm development and/or improvement, development of new remote sensing data products, and extension of results to regions of boreal forest beyond the BOREAS study region. Proposals should emphasize integration and synthesis of results using existing data sets. Preference will be given to proposals that focus on whole system synthesis, that employ innovative analytical approaches combining data sets from multiple sources and/or linking across spatial and temporal scales, and that have the greatest potential for further advancing our understanding of boreal forest biome-atmosphere interactions.

The BOREAS Guest Investigator Announcement

The NASA Research Announcement (NRA) for the BOREAS Guest Investigator Program was announced on June 11, 1997. It is available at the Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE) Web site, and can be downloaded. Step 1 proposals (pre-proposals) are due no later than July 16, 1997. Full proposals will be due 2 months after notification of the results of the step 1 reviews.

Preliminary Findings From BOREAS 1994

Preliminary analyses of the BOREAS 1994 data shows that a great many of the assumptions about the northern boreal forest are incorrect. This has already led to several corrections in the global weather models to improve forcasting over the region. You can read more about the findings from 1994 below.

  • Read an overall Summary of BOREAS Results (1994 data)
  • Read a detailed list of Preliminary Results by Science Group (1994 data)

    Information About BOREAS Data

    Much of the BOREAS data is currently password protected and only available in preliminary form (with no quality checking) to officially recognized BOREAS Investigators. Summary information about the data sets can be accesses below. Contacting the BOREAS Science Team Representative (listed below) can get you any specific information on the data that you require.

    BOREAS Documents Available in Acrobat Format

    BORIS has produced electronic copies of some important documents supplied to the BOREAS Investigators. These include detailed descriptions of the planned field work and what was actually accomplished for the 1994 field campaigns, and the planned field work for the 1996 field campaigns. The following BOREAS documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format:

    Click here to download any of these documents.

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