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The Hydrology (HYD) Group

HYD Group Objectives

The objectives of these investigations are to characterize the storage of moisture at and near the land surface, in both solid and liquid states, and the fluxes of moisture to and from the land surface. The combined investigations are to measure and/or allow the prediction of moisture storage at scales from tens of meters to the transect distance between the southern and northern sites, and to provide the information necessary to facilitate the transfer of information between these scales. Additionally, the hydrologic investigations will measure and simulate the interactions between subsurface, surface, and canopy hydrologic and ecological processes over a similar range of scales.

BOREAS Field Campaign 1994

The HYD group is principally focused on the measurement of snow hydrology components to support remote sensing algorithm development, and has also worked on catchment hydrological processes in the SSA and NSA using precipitation gauge networks, stream gauges and a rain radar (SSA only). One team (HYD-1) operated a program of almost continuous soil moisture measurements at the Tower Flux sites during the 1994 growing season. View preliminary results from the HYD group.

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The HYD Teams

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Coupled Atmosphere-Forest Canopy-Soil Profile Monitoring and Simulation
P.I.(s): Richard H. Cuenca -- Oregon State University
Team: David Stangel -- Oregon State University

Validation of a Passive Microwave Snow Water Equivalent Algorithm Using an Energy Balance Model
P.I.(s): Al T.C. Chang -- NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Co-I(s): James L. Foster and Dorothy K. Hall -- NASA/GSFC

Distributed Energy Transfer Modeling in Snow and Soil for Boreal Ecosystems
P.I.(s): Robert (Bert) Davis -- U.S. Army Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab (CRREL)

Determination of Snow Cover Variations in the Boreal Forest Using Passive Microwave Radiometry
P.I.(s): Barry E. Goodison, Ann E. Walker -- Atmospheric Environment Service (AES), Climate and Atmospheric Research Directorate

The Regional Representation of the Energy and Moisture Fluxes from Snow Covered Areas in the BOREAS Experiment
P.I.(s): Richard J. Harding -- Institute of Hydrology

Remote Sensing of Hydrologic Variables in Boreal Areas
P.I.(s): Eugene L. Peck -- Hydex Corp; Tom Carroll -- NWS NOAA

Simulation of Boreal Ecosystem Carbon and Water Budgets: Scaling from Local to Regional Extents
P.I.(s): Lawrence E. Band -- University of Toronto
Co-I(s): Anthony Price, Tony Carleton -- Univ. of Toronto; Joseph C. Coughlan -- NASA/ARC

From Micro-Scale to Meso-Scale Snowmelt, Soil Moisture and Evapotranspiration from Distributed Hydrologic Models
P.I.(s): Ric D. Soulis -- University of Waterloo
Co-I(s): Michael Jasinski -- NASA/GSFC; G. Kite -- National Hydrology Research Institute; Nicholas Kouwen -- Univ. of Waterloo; Robert Leconte -- Univ. of Quebec a` Monteal; Dennis Lettenmaier -- Univ. of Washington; Danny Marks -- USGS

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