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RSS-20: Estimation of Photosynthetic Capacity using Polder Polarization

P.I.(s): Vern C. Vanderbilt -- NASA/Ames Research Center

Objectives: The overall hypothesis of this study is that the ecosystem-dependent variability in the various vegetation indices is in part attributable to the effects of specular reflection. The polarization channels on the French sensor POLDER provide the potential to estimate this specularly reflected light and allow the modification of the vegetation indices to better measure the photosynthetic process in plant canopies. In addition these polarization channels potentially provide additional ecologically important information about the plant canopy. The expected result from this research is a series of map products providing seasonal estimates of 'minus specular' vegetation indices for flightlines at the two BOREAS test sites. This is a companion effort to TF-6.

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    Last Updated: October 28, 1997