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RSS-1: Radiative Transfer Characteristics of Boreal Forest Canopies and Algorithms for Energy Balance and PAR Absorption

P.I.(s): Donald Deering -- NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Co-I(s): Elizabeth Middleton -- NASA/GSFC; Suraiya Ahmad, Tom Eck -- Hughes STX Corp.

Objectives: The objectives of this study are:

Emphasis has been given to the directionally-dependent absorption of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) by the forest canopies and the directional reflection of the radiation from them (constituting the albedo). These angular radiance distribution measurements were made both above and at various levels within the canopies, including the forest floor, to characterize the complete radiative transfer within three of the forest canopy types at the southern (Prince Albert) site, at different times.

See the PARABOLA Web site for more information.

RSS-1 Pictures

Closeup of the PARABOLA
on the tram guidewires

The PARABOLA at the
Old Jack Pine site (SSA-OJP)

The PARABOLA at the
Old Black Spruce site (SSA-OBS)

The PARABOLA above and
below the canopy at the
Old Aspen site (SSA-OA)
All pictures courtesy of the PARABOLA Web site.

RSS-1 Data Sets

  • PARABOLA Data 1994/96
  • PARABOLA III Data 1996
  • Albedo

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    RSS-1 BOREAS Operations 1994

    Equipment Used and Data Collected:
    PARABOLA bidirectional reflectivity/directional transmittance data were collected at 5 degree solar zenith angle intervals, clouds permitting, from approximately 75 degrees SZA to solar noon. The PARABOLA measures a 4 pi hemisphere area with 15 degree IFOV sectors in 11 seconds. Measurements of the reflected radiances from a characterized barium sulfate reference panel with a Barnes Modular Multiband Radiometer (MMR) were taken concurrently with PARABOLA measurements during the BOREAS experiment in order to characterize spectral solar irradiance. Pyranometers were used to measure irradiance, albedo, and transmittances (Eppley PSP pyranometers and Skye Probetech PAR sensors), but only on the sites and dates of PARABOLA data acquisitions. ASD PS II Spectroradiometer reflectance factors from nadir PS II spectrometer measurements were also taken on selected sites on 8 dates in IFC-2 and IFC-3 combined.

    Summary of Places and Times of Measurements:
    Measurements were made at 3 sites in the BOREAS Southern Study Area (SSA): Old Aspen (OA), Old Black Spruce (OBS), and Old Jack Pine (OJP). Above canopy measurements are listed in the middle column and below canopy measurements are listed in the right column.

    Field Campaign Above Canopy
    Site & Date
    Below Canopy
    Site & Date
    FFC-Thaw SSA-OBS 4/16/95
    SSA-OBS 4/19/94
    SSA-OA 4/24/94

    SSA-OA 4/26/94
    IFC-1 SSA-OA 5/25/94
    SSA-OA 5/26/94
    SSA-OJP 5/29/94
    SSA-OJP 5/31/94

    SSA-OBS 6/6/94
    SSA-OBS 6/7/94
    SSA-OA 6/11/94

    SSA-OJP 6/1/94
    SSA-OJP 6/4/94

    SSA-OA 6/17/94
    IFC-2 SSA-OA 7/21/94
    SSA-OJP 7/25/94
    SSA-OJP 7/30/94
    SSA-OJP 8/2/94
    SSA-OBS 8/4/94
    SSA-OA 7/23/94
    SSA-OJP 7/24/94

    SSA-OBS 8/8/94
    SSA-OBS 8/9/94
    IFC-3 SSA-OA 8/31/94
    SSA-OA 9/17/94
    SSA-OJP 9/5/95
    SSA-OJP 9/6/94
    SSA-OBS 9/12/94
    SSA-OBS 9/13/94
    SSA-OA 9/1/94
    SSA-OA 9/18/94
    SSA-OJP 9/2/94

    SSA-OBS 9/16/94

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