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RSS-14: Quality Assurance of BOREAS Net Radiation Measurement

P.I.(s): Eric A. Smith -- Florida State University
Collaborator: Harry Cooper, Gary B. Hodges, J. Jing -- F.S.U.

Objectives: Because surface net radiation is generally a main determinant of how the hydrometeorological system operates and how the phenology of a canopy functions, it is a fundamental observable for BOREAS. this project is designed to ensure the highest possible accuracy and precision of the net radiation measurements taken throughout and between the BOREAS sites, and is further designed to help resolve past discrepancies in net radiation measurements based on engineering design and material properties differences in various makes of net radiometers. This project will also assess how well current geosynchronous satellite algorithms, based on 2-channel GOES VIS-IR radiance inputs, can retrieve surface net radiation at a hierarchy of space and time scales. The main deliverables of this project will be a time sequence of inter-calibrated and objectively analyzed gridded net radiation fields throughout the BOREAS IFCs, and a set of scientific papers on

  1. the measured BOREAS surface net radiation field
  2. the radiometer inter-calibration issue and engineering design study the measurement-satellite retrieval intercomparison study
The spatial resolution of the grids will be consistent with the separation distance between the radiometer sites; the time step will match that of the radiometer sampling time recommended by the BOREAS Science Team. All net radiation measurements incorporated in the objective analysis from the multiple sites will be inter-calibrated to an Eppley 4-way directional radiometer system, for which the calibrations of the directional devices would be traceable to the primary radiometer standard maintained at the Davos, Switzerland World Radiation Centre, which is calibrated on the World Radiometric Reference (WRR) scale. All radiometers used in the field were cross calibrated at a common site prior to the onset of the 1994 BOREAS summer field phase. All net radiometer stations at and between the northern and southern study areas were visited at least once in the course of the summer IFCs with a copy of the standard field model deployed on a portable data station to check on residual sensitivity differences. This radiometer was cross-calibrated to the similar device, mounted along side the reference 4-way directional system at the calibration site. The satellite measurements needed for this research will be acquired here at FSU using my laboratory's GOES Direct Readout Ground Station.

RSS-14 Data Sets

  • GOES-7 Level-1 images (94 - 95)
  • GOES-7 Level-1a images (94 - 95)
  • GOES-7 Level-2 Surf Rad ASCII (94/95)
  • GOES-7 Level-2a Surf Rad img (94/95)
  • GOES-7 Level-2a Net LW img (94/95)
  • GOES-7 Level-2a SRB images (94 - 95)
  • GOES-8 Level-1 images (95 - 96)
  • GOES-8 Level-1a images (95 - 96)
  • GOES-8 Level-2 images (95 - 96)

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    RSS-14 BOREAS Operations 1994

    i) Inter comparison of net radiation measurements
    ii) Archiving GOES-7 imagery
    iii) Application of Surface SW and LW algorithms using GOES-7 data

    Types of Data:
    GOES-7 full resolution VIS, IR and water vapor channel data for a 1024 by 1024 pixel image covering the NSA and the SSA. Net radiation measurements at all BOREAS AMS and TF sites in both NSA and SSA.

    Summary of Times of Measurement:
    Satellite data for 1994. Net radiation data for site visit periods.

    Date Study Area Action Site
    7/18/94 SSA Arrived Saskatoon
    7/19/94 SSA Set-up Saskatoon AMS
    7/19/94 SSA Set-up Meadow Lake AMS
    7/20/94 SSA Operating Meadow Lake AMS
    7/21/94 SSA Take-down Meadow Lake AMS
    7/22/94 SSA Take-down Saskatoon AMS
    7/22/94 SSA Set-up SSA-OA
    7/22/94 SSA Set-up PANP AMS
    7/23/94 SSA Set-up SSA-OJP AMS
    7/24/94 SSA Take-down SSA-OA
    7/24/94 SSA Take-down SSA-OJP AMS
    7/24/94 SSA Take-down PANP AMS
    7/25/94 SSA Set-up SSA-Fen
    7/25/94 SSA Set-up SSA-OBS
    7/25/94 SSA Set-up SSA-YJP
    7/26/94 SSA Take-down SSA-Fen
    7/27/94 SSA Set-up La Ronge AMS
    7/27/94 SSA Take-down SSA-OBS
    7/27/94 SSA Set-up SSA-OJP
    7/27/94 SSA Set-up SSA-YA
    7/28/94 SSA Operating SSA-YA
    7/29/94 SSA Take-down SSA-YA
    7/29/94 SSA Take-down SSA-OJP
    7/30/94 SSA Take-down La Ronge AMS
    7/30/94 SSA Set-up The Pas AMS
    7/30/94 SSA Set-up Flin Flon AMS
    7/31/94 SSA Operating -
    8/1/94 SSA Take-down Flin Flon AMS
    8/1/94 NSA Set-up Thompson AMS
    8/2/94 NSA Set-up NSA-Fen
    8/2/94 NSA Set-up NSA-OBS
    8/3/94 NSA Take-down NSA-FEN
    8/3/94 NSA Take-down NSA-OBS
    8/4/94 NSA Set-up NSA-YJP
    8/4/94 NSA Set-up NSA-OJP
    8/4/94 NSA Set-up Nelson House AMS
    8/4/94 NSA Take-down Thompson AMS
    8/5/94 NSA Take-down Nelson House AMS
    8/6/94 NSA Take-down NSA-YJP
    8/6/94 NSA Set-up Lynn Lake AMS
    8/7/94 NSA Set-up Thompson Zoo
    8/7/94 NSA Take-down LynnLake AMS
    8/8/94 NSA Take-down NSA-OJP
    8/8/94 NSA Take-down Thompson Zoo
    8/9/94 SSA Arrived Prince Albert
    8/10/94 SSA Arrived Saskatoon

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