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RSS-9: High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Image Analysis Techniques for Ecological and Biophysical Data (High Spirited)

P.I.(s): Murray Strome -- National Resources Canada, Petawawa National Forestry Institute

Objectives: To develop techniques and algorithms to enable the monitoring of changes in the test sites and to relate the remotely sensed data to forest models. The multitemporal data is being used to attempt to monitor changes resulting from phenologic events, especially those related to vegetative stress where possible. The majority of past efforts to analyze high spectral resolution data have focused upon relatively simple signal processing techniques, such as selection of optimum bands to distinguish features of interest such as species identification, vegetation stress and defoliation due to insect damage. Some techniques have examined features such as the "red shift".

RSS-9 Data Sets

  • Phenology Modeling (Strome)

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    Last Updated: October 21, 1997