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RSS-13: Helicopter-Based Measurements of Microwave Scattering Over the Boreal Forest

P.I.(s): S. Prasad Gogineni -- University of Kansas
GSRP Student: G. Lance Lockhart -- University of Kansas

Objectives: The objectives of this study are:

Ultimately, we will develop a scattering model and model-based inversion algorithm to estimate soil moisture and biomass from satellite remote sensing data over the boreal forest, in particular by ERS-1, JERS-1 and SIR-C Synthethic-Aperture Radar (SAR). To accomplish these objectives, we used a helicopter-based FM scatterometer operating at 10, 5.3 and 1.5 GHz with all four linear polarizations over incidence angles of 0° to 50°. This system measures backscatter as a function of angle and frequency over the sites. Also, we collected fine-resolution data at selected sites in an effort to determine the relative contributions of individual forest components to the total backscatter. All data is being reduced to backscatter coefficients using vector-correction techniques. After reducing the data, it will be used to train and test a feed-forward artificial neutral network (ANN). The accuracy of the ANN will be evaluated using ground-truth data collected with help from Dr. Jon Ranson and Dr. Roger Lang. Upon completion, we will provide data related to the interpretation of SAR data to other investigators via BORIS.

RSS-13 Pictures

The scatterometer on the NASA Helicopter

RSS-13 Data Sets

  • Scatterometer Data

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    RSS-13 BOREAS Operations 1994

    Summary of Places and Times of Measurements:
    The following table gives the day and type of data collected. We worked at the SSA during IFC-2 and IFC-3. However, system problems during IFC-2 make the data hard to interpret. Therefore, the table lists activities during IFC-3.

    Flight Number Site Code Incidence Polarizations
    1 (9/14/94) YJP - 0 5°,10°,15°,20° 30°,40°,50° VV,HH,VH and HV
    1 (9/14/94) YJP - 1 5°,10°,20°,30°40°,50° VV,HH,VH and HV
    1 (9/14/94) OBS (OS) 5°,10°,20°,30°40°,50° VV,HH,VH and HV
    2 (9/15/94) h = 110 ft OA (Old Aspen) 5°,10°,20°,30° 40°,50° VV,HH,VH and HV
    2 (9/15/94) h = 110 ft OBS (OS) VV,HH,VH and HV
    2 (9/15/94) h = 170 ft OBS (OS) VV,HH,VH and HV
    2 (9/15/94) OBS (OS) 10°,20°,30°, 40°,50° VV,HH,VH and HV
    3 (9/16/94) YJP - 0 5°,10°,20°,30°40°,50° VV,HH,VH and HV
    3 (9/16/94) YJP - 1 5°,10°,20°,30° 40° VV,HH,VH and HV

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