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CENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995)

Model Overview

ModelCENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995)
Release date2005-12-19
ProjectModel Archive
Time Period1995-01-01


The CENTURY model, Version 4, is a general model of plant-soil nutrient cycling that is being used to simulate carbon and nutrient dynamics for different types of ecosystems including grasslands, agricultural lands, forests and savannas. CENTURY is composed of a soil organic matter/ decomposition submodel, a water budget model, a grassland/crop submodel, a forest production submodel, and management and events scheduling functions.


Model reference document


Parton, W.J., D.S. Ojima, and D.S. Schimel. 2005. CENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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  • CENTURY_VEMAP_simulation_readme.pdf
  • Century_Users_Manual_V4.pdf
  • century_vemap.pdf

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Model File (Granule)File SizeDates 21.7 MB 1995-01-01


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