Old Jack Pine Site (SSA-OJP)

 View an aerial photo-map of the SSA-OJP site.

The road to the OJP site

The flux tower and the hut

The truss tower connected to
the flux tower by cables

The flux tower<

The canopy access tower

The SRC meteorology tower

The under-canopy flux station

The moss-covered jack pine tree

The ground cover at the OJP site

Aerial view of the SSA-Old Jack Pine site looking to the northeast.

The Flux Tower at SSA-Old Jack Pine site.

The Sodar site. The NOAA sodar located near the Old Jack Pine in the SSA.

The under-canopy radiation track
This is a 14 meter-long metal track in the forest
with a mobile radiometer out on an arm on a small
motorized cart (visible at the center of the picture)
that travels through the forest taking measurements
of PAR and net radiation.

Principal Investigator Dr. Dennis Baldocchi (TE-5) of the SSA-OJP working on his understory radiation instrument.
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