Old Black Spruce Site (NSA-OBS)

The NSA-OBS site from the air. This
aerial shot of the OBS site shows the
generator in the lower-right corner,
one of the huts in the upper-left corner,
and part of the boardwalk leading
away from the hut.

View an aerial photo-map of the NSA-OBS site.

OBS spruce trees and flux tower

The road to the OBS site.

The road to the OBS site was often a muddy mess, accessable only by ARGO all-terrain vehicles, and even they got stuck often.

The OBS flux tower

The NSA black spruce carbon model evaluation site and TE canopy access tower.

Oblique view of the trail leading into the NSA Old Black Spruce site. Highway 391 is beyond the image at the bottom and the power line is viewable at the top of the image. The NSA-OBS site would be off to the upper left.

The NSA-OBS Rohn tower where Amar Bazzaz of Harvard University is climbing the tower for maintenance.

Argos -- eight-wheel all-terrain vehicles used to transport people and equipment to and from the NSA-OBS on the 4 kilometer access trail.

Aerial view looking to the southwest of NSA-OBS showing the Argo trail, the boardwalks, the tent, the investigator huts, and the Rohn tower extending through the canopy.

Picture of Hank Margolis (TE-9) using shotgun to harvest tree limb samples for leaf water potential study at NSA-OBS site.

View from the 30 m flux tower, looking down

OBS spruce trees and ground cover

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