Old Black Spruce Site (SSA-OBS)

View an aerial photo-map of the SSA-OBS site.

The 1.3 km road and boardwalk from OBS (facing North)

The control box at the base of the flux tower

The ARGO ATV used to haul equipment to OBS

The double-scaffold flux tower

The hut and boardwalk

The TE canopy tower

Construction during 1993 of the tower site at the Old Black Spruce (SSA-OBS)

Trail into SSA-OBS. Large scar and canal created by construction vehicles cutting a new path each visit to avoid being mired in bog.

Photograph of construction vehicle in action as it lays the electrical cable into SSA-OBS sites.

Tower construction crew working on the foundation for the SSA-OBS tower.

Aerial view of double-scaffold flux tower at SSA-OBS site and 100 m cable tramway for transporting the PARABOLA instrument between the flux and Rohn tower.

A CO2 flux chamber instrument at SSA-OBS

The ground cover at OBS

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