Old Aspen Site (SSA-OA)

View an aerial photo-map of the SSA-OA site

The two huts and boardwalk

The scaffold flux tower

The base of the scaffold flux tower

One of the canopy access towers

The SRC meteorology tower

The truss tower and cables
from the flux tower

Cabled tethersonde above the SSA Old Aspen (SSA-OA) site

The tethersonde about to be launched
(tethered balloon and radiosonde)

Picture of the SRC meteorological tower at the SSA-OA site taken from the flux tower.

Improved road into the SSA-OA site within the Prince Albert National Park.

Aerial of SSA-OA tower during the winter IFC.

SSA-OA flux tower about 40 meters in height, approximately 20 meters above canopy.

Photograph of investigator hut and boardwalk at the SSA-OA site.

Andy Black and associate within the hut at the SSA-OA site showing the various recording and data display instruments from the tower.

The TE canopy access tower at the SSA-OA site.

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