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TE-8: The Tree's Bark Input in Tree-Atmosphere Interactions

P.I.(s): Slava Kharuk -- Russian Academy of Sciences

Objective: To evaluate the input of tree bark into tree-atmosphere interactions (i.e., the photosynthetic process). Tree-atmosphere interaction is considered usually as "leaf" interaction with the atmosphere. But the input of tree bark is not negligible, especially during "leafless" periods (e.g., spring, fall, as well as after defoliation caused by insects or pollution), when the bark is the single source of hydrocarbons. The comparative analysis of biophysical properties of bark versus those of leaves must be done.

The studies will include:

  1. Comparative analysis of optical properties (transmittance, reflectance, polarization) of bark and leaves
  2. Comparative analysis of bark versus leaf pigment content
  3. Estimation of LAI versus "BAI" ("bark area index")
  4. Comparative analysis of bark photosynthesis/evapotranspiration versus leaf photosynthesis/evapotranspiration.
  5. Comparative analysis of deciduous (Populus tremuloides) versus coniferous species

TE-8 Data Sets

  • Bark optical properties
  • Bark Chlorophyll

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    Last Updated: October 29, 1997