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TE-17: Biospheric Dynamics in the Boreal Forest Ecotone

P.I.(s): Samuel N. Goward -- University of Maryland
Co.I.(s): Steven D. Prince, Ralph Dubayah, John Townshend -- Univ. of Maryland; Compton J. Tucker -- NASA/GSFC

Objectives: A study of primary production in the boreal forest ecotone using regional scale models driven by coarse-resolution satellite data. The primary scale of interest is the BOREAS inter-site transect and the entire N. American Boreal Forest biome. Net primary production (NPP) will be modelled using production efficiency models (PEM), parameterized using the detailed field site measurements planned at the Intensive Study site scale (400 km2). A multi-scale analysis will be used to address the problem of scaling of information from the ISS to the regional scales.

Check the Global Production Efficiency Model (GLO-PEM) Web site for more information.

TE-17 Data Sets

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    Last Updated: October 29, 1997