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TE-22: Multidiscipline Integrative Models of Forest Ecosystem Dynamics for the Boreal Forest Biome

P.I.(s): Herman H. Shugart -- University of Virginia
Co-I(s): T.M. Smith -- University of Virginia

Objectives: The development of a model-based synthesis of the influence of water and nutrients on forest community composition, and of evaluating the feedback from community composition to surface biophysical characteristics for the BOREAS project. The models involved in this synthesis are:

  1. ZELIG, a spatial individual tree model. ZELIG is currently part of the FED model
  2. FED, a model shell allowing the interfacing of several different models of forest ecosystem dynamics and, hence, several different ecosystem processes
  3. HYBRID, a combination model including ZELIG, a photosynthesis model and a coupling with a canopy biophysical model (GBC, Running and Coughlan 1990)

The ZELIG and HYBRID models will be parameterized and implemented for the BOREAS test sites, and will be used to project the composition and canopy structure of forests over relatively long time spans for different regions. This will also provide a capability to predict CO2 and H2O fluxes from the forests. Several of the data sets being developed in conjunction with the BOREAS project will be used to test these model implementations.

TE-22 Data Sets

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    Last Updated: October 29, 1997