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TE-4: Measurement and Prediction of CO2 and H2O Exchange from Boreal Forest Tree Species

P.I.(s): Joe A. Berry -- Carnegie Institution of Washington
Co-I(s): Jim Collatz -- Carnegie Inst. of Washington; John Gamon -- Calif. State Univ. Los Angeles

Objectives: To measure steady-state gas exchange and spectral reflectance responses to temperature, light, CO2 and humidity in leaves of aspen, jack pine, and black spruce. Some of these measurements were made within canopies of these species in the 1994 IFC's and some will be made under more controlled laboratory conditions. Effects of leaf age, and conditions (temperature, light, nitrogen, water) will be measured. Specialized chambers and portable field instruments are being developed for use with broad leaf and conifer tissue. This data will be used to develop algorithms for predicting photosynthesis and transpiration from bidirectional reflectance and to parameterize our mechanistic leaf and canopy models of CO2 and exchange for the boreal forest.

TE-4 Data Sets

  • Leaf Photosynthesis
  • Leaf Respiration
  • Leaf Conductance
  • Leaf Optical Properties

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    Last Updated: October 29, 1997