The BOREAS Information System

How To Get BOREAS Data

Quality-Checked Final BOREAS Data

A large portion of the BOREAS data has been released for general distribution. Quality verification and documentation work for these data sets has been completed, and they are available through the EOSDIS (Earth Observing System Data and Information System) DAAC (Distributed Active Archive Center) for Biogeochemical Dynamics at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Click here for the ORNL BOREAS Data Archive

Preliminary BOREAS Data

Over half of the BOREAS data has already been processed, documented, and released to ORNL. But there is still some data sets in the processing "pipeline". Access to these data are currently restricted to BOREAS Science Team members, their associates, and BOREAS Project Staff. We here at BORIS still have the complete set of BOREAS data available online.

The Preliminary Data is Password Protected. If you need
to know the new data-access password Click Here

Getting the BOREAS Data

There are many ways to access the Preliminary BOREAS data:

You Must Use Netscape to Download BOREAS Data

Netscape is the only Web browser currently available that can make FTP connections to a VAX (which is where the BOREAS data is stored). NCSA Mosaic and Microsoft Explorer do not work with VAXes running VMS and Multinet. Several other browsers were tested, and only Netscape worked correctly.

Download Netscape now

Send a data request to the BOREAS Data Manager (BOREAS Investigators only)

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Last Updated: March 16, 1999