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Pre-LBA Amazonian Region Micrometeorological Experiment (ARME) Data


DatasetPre-LBA Amazonian Region Micrometeorological Experiment (ARME) Data
Release date2008-10-31
Time period1983-09-01 to 1986-09-01

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The Amazonian Region Micrometeorological Experiment (ARME) data contain micrometeorological data (climate, interception of precipitation, mircometeorology and soil moisture) on the elements of the energy balance and evapotranspiration for the Amazonian forest. ASCII text data files for each of the four data types have been zipped toghether. One of the many scientific findings of this experiment was that tropical forest does not experience water stress due to the lack of precipitation, during periods when evapotranspiration is at the potential rate (Shuttleworth, 1988). ARME data types include climate (meteorological), interception of precipitation, micrometeorology, and soil moisture. These data are described in the Data Description section below.

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Fisch, G., J.H. Gash, C.A. Nobre, W.J. Shuttleworth, and ARME Team Members. 2008. Pre-LBA Amazonian Region Micrometeorological Experiment (ARME) Data . ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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