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AirMOSS: L2 Airborne Carbon Flux at Selected AirMOSS Sites, 2012-2014

Data Set Overview

Data setAirMOSS: L2 Airborne Carbon Flux at Selected AirMOSS Sites, 2012-2014
Release date2016-10-11
ProjectAirborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface
Time Period2012-07-07 to 2014-06-01


This data set contains carbon flux measurements recorded by an aircraft at the Duke, Harvard, and Howland Forest sites during the summers of 2012-2014 as part of the Airborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (AirMOSS) project. Frequent measurements of CO2 and H2O were obtained using a cavity ring down spectrometer on board the Airborne Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, operated by Purdue University. Estimates of surface CO2 flux, sensible and latent heat fluxes, their corresponding uncertainties, and average wind speed and direction are provided for each of the 26 flights.


Data set reference document


Caulton, D.R., O.E. Salmon, P.B. Shepson, and K.D. Hajny. 2016. AirMOSS: L2 Airborne Carbon Flux at Selected AirMOSS Sites, 2012-2014. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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Airborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface: The goal of NASA’s Airborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (AirMOSS) investigation is to provide high-resolution observations of root-zone soil moisture over regions representative of the major North American climatic habitats (biomes), quantify the impact of variations in soil moisture on the estimation of regional carbon fluxes, and extrapolate the reduced-uncertainty estimates of regional carbon fluxes to the continental scale of North America. The AirMOSS campaign used an airborne ultra-high frequency synthetic aperture radar flown on a Gulfstream-III aircraft to derive estimates of soil moisture down to approximately 1.2 meters. Extensive ground, tower, and aircraft in-situ measurements were collected to validate root-zone soil measurements and carbon flux model estimates. The AirMOSS soil measurements can be used to better understand carbon fluxes and their associated uncertainties on a continental scale. Additionally, AirMOSS data provide a direct means for validating root-zone soil measurement algorithms from the Soil Moisture Active & Passive (SMAP) mission and assessing the impact of fine-scale heterogeneities in its coarse-resolution products.

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  • AirMOSS_L2_Carbon_Flux.pdf

Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
AirMOSS_aircraft_Cflux_v2.csv 3.5 KB 2012-07-07 - 2014-06-01 45.64N To 35.77N68.43W To 79.50W
Flight_20120707_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 12.7 MB 2012-07-07 42.71N To 42.43N71.87W To 72.23W
Flight_20120708_S1_L2_flight_path.csv 12.1 MB 2012-07-08 42.76N To 42.29N71.93W To 72.23W
Flight_20120708_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 12.3 MB 2012-07-08 42.79N To 42.31N71.97W To 72.29W
Flight_20120709_S1_L2_flight_path.csv 14.5 MB 2012-07-09 43.06N To 42.31N71.89W To 72.31W
Flight_20120709_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 5.0 MB 2012-07-09 43.08N To 42.69N71.93W To 72.04W
Flight_20120710_L2_flight_path.csv 12.7 MB 2012-07-10 45.29N To 45.09N68.55W To 68.89W
Flight_20120711_L2_flight_path.csv 12.6 MB 2012-07-11 45.31N To 45.09N68.65W To 68.81W
Flight_20130530_S1_L2_flight_path.csv 7.1 MB 2013-05-30 42.59N To 42.49N71.96W To 72.29W
Flight_20130530_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 5.7 MB 2013-05-30 42.87N To 42.55N71.74W To 72.30W
Flight_20130531_L2_flight_path.csv 17.3 MB 2013-05-31 43.60N To 42.79N70.39W To 72.24W
Flight_20130601_L2_flight_path.csv 18.4 MB 2013-06-01 45.33N To 43.67N68.43W To 70.29W
Flight_20130602_L2_flight_path.csv 16.7 MB 2013-06-02 45.64N To 43.65N68.61W To 70.26W
Flight_20130604_L2_flight_path.csv 15.7 MB 2013-06-04 36.03N To 35.77N78.78W To 79.50W
Flight_20130707_L2_flight_path.csv 7.8 MB 2013-07-07 36.02N To 35.88N78.79W To 79.26W
Flight_20130708_L2_flight_path.csv 16.8 MB 2013-07-08 36.25N To 35.87N78.73W To 79.25W
Flight_20130709_L2_flight_path.csv 16.9 MB 2013-07-09 36.25N To 35.88N78.83W To 79.27W
Flight_20130710_L2_flight_path.csv 13.1 MB 2013-07-10 36.36N To 35.78N78.62W To 79.50W
Flight_20130819_L2_flight_path.csv 20.8 MB 2013-08-19 45.33N To 43.67N68.44W To 70.32W
Flight_20130820_L2_flight_path.csv 22.0 MB 2013-08-20 45.62N To 43.70N68.44W To 70.29W
Flight_20130821_S1_L2_flight_path.csv 17.9 MB 2013-08-21 43.61N To 42.49N70.36W To 72.22W
Flight_20130821_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 1.3 MB 2013-08-21 43.03N To 42.82N71.92W To 72.03W
Flight_20130822_L2_flight_path.csv 20.2 MB 2013-08-22 43.59N To 42.53N70.40W To 72.35W
Flight_20130824_L2_flight_path.csv 17.4 MB 2013-08-24 36.49N To 35.92N78.63W To 79.22W
Flight_20140529_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 11.5 MB 2014-05-29 42.59N To 42.32N72.04W To 72.38W
Flight_20140601_S2_L2_flight_path.csv 10.2 MB 2014-06-01 42.61N To 42.37N72.03W To 72.36W

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