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LBA-ECO LC-07 Validation Overflight for Amazon Mosaics, Raster, 1999


DatasetLBA-ECO LC-07 Validation Overflight for Amazon Mosaics, Raster, 1999
Release date2015-03-17
Time period1999-06-06 to 1999-06-19

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Downloads162015-03-252017-11-062866 total files downloaded


This data set includes high-resolution geocoded mosaics derived from the Validation Overflight for Amazon Mosaics (VOAM) aerial video surveys as part of the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere (LBA) Experiment in the Amazon. The VOAM flights were carried out in the wet-season (June) 1999 in the Brazilian Amazon to provide ground verification for mapping of wetland cover in the Amazon Basin conducted by the Global Rain Forest Mapping (GRFM) Project JERS-1 (Japanese Earth Remote Sensing Satellite). Digital camcorder systems were installed in a Bandeirante survey plane operated by Brazil's National Institute for Space Research. The VOAM99 surveys circumscribed the Brazilian Amazon, documenting ground conditions at resolutions on the order of 1-m resolution for wetlands, forests, savannas, and human-impacted areas. Geocoded mosaics were generated by processing the aerial videography into GeoTIFF format, maximizing its usefulness for environmental monitoring applications. Other applications of the VOAM99 videography include acquisition of ground control points for image geolocation, forest biomass estimation, and rapid assessment of fire damage. Geocoded digital videography provides a cost-effective means of compiling a high-resolution validation data set for land cover mapping in remote, cloud-covered regions.

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Hess, L.L., J.M. Melack, E.M.L.M. Novo, C.C.F. Barbosa, and M. Gastil-Buhl. 2015. LBA-ECO LC-07 Validation Overflight for Amazon Mosaics, Raster, 1999. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
19990606_19290227_19291326.tif 2.9MB 1999-06-06 2.38S to 2.39S54.36W
19990606_19314725_19322229.tif 2.9MB 1999-06-06 2.38S to 2.39S54.36W
19990606_19322200_19325607.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-06 2.37S to 2.38S54.47W to 54.50W
19990606_19332229_19340120.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-06 2.38S to 2.39S54.51W to 54.54W
19990606_19335927_19343113.tif 9.0MB 1999-06-06 2.38S to 2.39S54.54W to 54.56W
19990606_19342926_19345518.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-06 2.39S54.56W to 54.58W
19990606_19352325_19355408.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-06 2.39S to 2.40S54.59W to 54.62W
19990606_193633_193648.tif 3.5MB 1999-06-06 2.40S to 2.41S54.64W to 54.66W
19990607_12403423_12405319.tif 4.2MB 1999-06-07 2.34S to 2.35S54.49W to 54.51W
19990607_12410029_12413221.tif 5.5MB 1999-06-07 2.33S to 2.35S54.50W to 54.53W
19990607_12413624_12421413.tif 4.2MB 1999-06-07 2.31S to 2.34S54.52W to 54.55W
19990607_144930_145000.tif 7.6MB 1999-06-07 2.79S54.98W to 55.00W
19990607_145030_145100.tif 9.5MB 1999-06-07 2.79S54.94W to 54.96W
19990607_145100_145130.tif 9.3MB 1999-06-07 2.79S54.92W to 54.94W
19990607_145130_145200.tif 9.6MB 1999-06-07 2.79S54.89W to 54.92W
19990607_150000_150030.tif 8.1MB 1999-06-07 3.00S to 3.03S54.78W to 54.79W
19990607_150130_150200.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-07 3.06S to 3.08S54.78W
19990607_150300_150330.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-07 3.12S to 3.14S54.78W to 54.79W
19990607_150630_150700.tif 9.2MB 1999-06-07 3.14S to 3.15S54.88W to 54.90W
19990607_150800_150830.tif 7.8MB 1999-06-07 3.13S to 3.14S54.94W to 54.96W
19990607_150900_150930.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-07 3.12S to 3.13S54.97W to 55.00W
19990607_151000_151030.tif 10.9MB 1999-06-07 3.11S to 3.12S55.01W to 55.04W
19990607_151100_151130.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-07 3.10S to 3.11S55.05W to 55.08W
19990607_151200_151230.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-07 3.09S to 3.11S55.09W to 55.12W
19990607_152330_152400.tif 3.7MB 1999-06-07 3.11S to 3.13S54.94W to 54.96W
19990607_152800_152830.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-07 3.10S to 3.12S54.94W to 54.96W
19990607_152900_152930.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-07 3.13S to 3.15S54.97W to 54.99W
19990607_153000_153030.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-07 3.15S to 3.17S55.00W to 55.02W
19990607_153100_153130.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-07 3.18S to 3.20S55.03W to 55.05W
19990607_153130_153200.tif 8.6MB 1999-06-07 3.19S to 3.21S55.05W to 55.07W
19990607_154500_154530.tif 8.1MB 1999-06-07 3.17S to 3.19S55.06W to 55.09W
19990607_154600_154630.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-07 3.15S to 3.16S55.03W to 55.05W
19990607_154700_154730.tif 7.7MB 1999-06-07 3.12S to 3.14S55.00W to 55.02W
19990607_154800_154830.tif 8.8MB 1999-06-07 3.10S to 3.12S54.97W to 54.99W
19990607_155615_155645.tif 8.6MB 1999-06-07 3.23S to 3.25S54.94W to 54.95W
19990607_155645_155715.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-07 3.24S to 3.27S54.93W to 54.95W
19990607_155745_155815.tif 7.9MB 1999-06-07 3.28S to 3.30S54.92W to 54.93W
19990607_155845_155915.tif 9.1MB 1999-06-07 3.32S to 3.34S54.91W to 54.92W
19990607_155920_155950.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-07 3.34S to 3.36S54.91W to 54.92W
19990607_160250_160320.tif 9.3MB 1999-06-07 3.47S to 3.50S54.87W to 54.88W
19990607_160545_160615.tif 8.1MB 1999-06-07 3.59S to 3.61S54.84W to 54.85W
19990607_160745_160815.tif 10.0MB 1999-06-07 3.66S to 3.69S54.83W
19990607_161140_161210.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-07 3.58S to 3.60S54.86W to 54.87W
19990607_161420_161450.tif 7.8MB 1999-06-07 3.48S to 3.50S54.89W to 54.90W
19990607_161550_161620.tif 8.2MB 1999-06-07 3.42S to 3.45S54.90W to 54.91W
19990607_161720_161750.tif 8.4MB 1999-06-07 3.36S to 3.39S54.92W to 54.93W
19990607_162320_162350.tif 6.9MB 1999-06-07 3.15S to 3.17S54.94W to 54.95W
19990607_162330_162400.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-07 3.14S to 3.17S54.94W to 54.95W
19990607_162400_162430.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-07 3.12S to 3.15S54.94W to 54.95W
19990607_162420_162450.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-07 3.11S to 3.13S54.94W to 54.95W
19990607_162500_162530.tif 6.6MB 1999-06-07 3.09S to 3.11S54.94W
19990607_162530_162600.tif 7.6MB 1999-06-07 3.07S to 3.09S54.93W to 54.94W
19990607_162920_162950.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-07 2.92S to 2.94S54.91W to 54.92W
19990607_163050_163120.tif 8.6MB 1999-06-07 2.86S to 2.88S54.91W
19990607_164200_164230.tif 9.0MB 1999-06-07 2.93S to 2.96S54.93W to 54.94W
19990607_164800_164830.tif 9.2MB 1999-06-07 3.17S to 3.19S54.91W to 54.92W
19990607_164900_164930.tif 10.0MB 1999-06-07 3.21S to 3.23S54.91W
19990607_170100_170130.tif 15.7MB 1999-06-07 3.65S to 3.67S55.06W to 55.08W
19990607_170500_170530.tif 8.5MB 1999-06-07 3.57S to 3.59S55.06W to 55.07W
19990607_170645_170713.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-07 3.50S to 3.53S55.05W to 55.06W
19990617_15110200_15113311.tif 4.8MB 1999-06-17 1.57N to 1.54N61.35W to 61.37W
19990617_15113121_15120112.tif 4.1MB 1999-06-17 1.55N to 1.52N61.36W to 61.37W
19990617_15115919_15123118.tif 5.6MB 1999-06-17 1.53N to 1.51N61.36W to 61.37W
19990617_15122918_15130110.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 1.51N to 1.49N61.37W to 61.38W
19990617_15125923_1513113.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-17 1.49N to 1.47N61.37W to 61.38W
19990617_15132919_15140001.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-17 1.47N to 1.45N61.37W to 61.39W
19990617_15135918_15143111.tif 4.9MB 1999-06-17 1.46N to 1.43N61.38W to 61.39W
19990617_15142920_15150114.tif 5.1MB 1999-06-17 1.44N to 1.41N61.38W to 61.39W
19990617_15145915_15153111.tif 4.5MB 1999-06-17 1.42N to 1.39N61.39W to 61.40W
19990617_15152917_15160018.tif 5.8MB 1999-06-17 1.40N to 1.38N61.39W to 61.40W
19990617_15155919_15163114.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-17 1.38N to 1.36N61.40W to 61.41W
19990617_15162922_15170113.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 1.36N to 1.34N61.40W to 61.41W
19990617_15165915_15173111.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 1.34N to 1.32N61.41W to 61.42W
19990617_15172919_15180116.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-17 1.32N to 1.30N61.41W to 61.42W
19990617_15175919_15183115.tif 5.8MB 1999-06-17 1.31N to 1.28N61.41W to 61.43W
19990617_15182920_15190114.tif 5.7MB 1999-06-17 1.29N to 1.26N61.42W to 61.43W
19990617_15185923_15193114.tif 5.7MB 1999-06-17 1.27N to 1.25N61.43W to 61.44W
19990617_15192923_15200111.tif 5.7MB 1999-06-17 1.25N to 1.23N61.43W to 61.45W
19990617_15195922_15203113.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 1.24N to 1.21N61.44W to 61.46W
19990617_15202925_15210023.tif 5.2MB 1999-06-17 1.22N to 1.19N61.45W to 61.47W
19990617_15205923_15213012.tif 5.7MB 1999-06-17 1.20N to 1.18N61.46W to 61.48W
19990617_15212925_15220116.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 1.18N to 1.16N61.47W to 61.48W
19990617_15215912_15223111.tif 5.6MB 1999-06-17 1.17N to 1.14N61.48W to 61.49W
19990617_15222916_15230105.tif 5.8MB 1999-06-17 1.15N to 1.13N61.49W to 61.50W
19990617_15225929_15233111.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 1.13N to 1.11N61.49W to 61.51W
19990617_15232916_15240116.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-17 1.12N to 1.09N61.50W to 61.52W
19990617_15235920_15243112.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 1.10N to 1.08N61.51W to 61.53W
19990617_15242921_15250026.tif 5.7MB 1999-06-17 1.08N to 1.06N61.52W to 61.54W
19990617_15245923_15253110.tif 5.8MB 1999-06-17 1.07N to 1.04N61.53W to 61.54W
19990617_15252917_15260115.tif 5.6MB 1999-06-17 1.05N to 1.02N61.54W to 61.55W
19990617_15261917_15265110.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-17 1.02N to 1.00N61.55W to 61.58W
19990617_15271919_15275114.tif 3.8MB 1999-06-17 1.00N to 0.98N61.58W to 61.60W
19990617_15274925_15282103.tif 5.1MB 1999-06-17 0.99N to 0.97N61.60W to 61.62W
19990617_15281914_15285111.tif 5.8MB 1999-06-17 0.97N to 0.95N61.61W to 61.63W
19990617_15284915_15292110.tif 5.4MB 1999-06-17 0.96N to 0.94N61.63W to 61.65W
19990617_15291912_15295115.tif 5.6MB 1999-06-17 0.95N to 0.93N61.64W to 61.66W
19990617_15294913_15302113.tif 4.8MB 1999-06-17 0.93N to 0.92N61.66W to 61.68W
19990617_15301924_15305109.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 0.92N to 0.90N61.67W to 61.69W
19990617_15304918_15312112.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-17 0.91N to 0.89N61.69W to 61.71W
19990617_15311918_15315111.tif 5.5MB 1999-06-17 0.90N to 0.88N61.70W to 61.72W
19990617_15314917_15322113.tif 5.6MB 1999-06-17 0.88N to 0.87N61.72W to 61.74W
19990617_15321921_15325106.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-17 0.87N to 0.85N61.73W to 61.75W
19990617_15331917_15335114.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.85N to 0.83N61.76W to 61.78W
19990617_15334917_15342111.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 0.84N to 0.82N61.77W to 61.80W
19990617_15341919_15345111.tif 3.3MB 1999-06-17 0.82N to 0.80N61.79W to 61.81W
19990617_15344918_15352112.tif 3.6MB 1999-06-17 0.81N to 0.79N61.80W to 61.83W
19990617_15351918_15355113.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-17 0.80N to 0.78N61.82W to 61.84W
19990617_15354918_15362113.tif 4.6MB 1999-06-17 0.78N to 0.76N61.83W to 61.86W
19990617_15361922_15365114.tif 3.7MB 1999-06-17 0.77N to 0.75N61.85W to 61.87W
19990617_15364928_15372112.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 0.76N to 0.74N61.86W to 61.88W
19990617_15371924_15375107.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-17 0.75N to 0.73N61.88W to 61.90W
19990617_15374914_15382112.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-17 0.73N to 0.71N61.89W to 61.91W
19990617_15381917_15385108.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-17 0.72N to 0.70N61.91W to 61.93W
19990617_15384918_15392113.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-17 0.71N to 0.69N61.92W to 61.94W
19990617_15391914_15395111.tif 6.2MB 1999-06-17 0.70N to 0.68N61.94W to 61.96W
19990617_15394919_15402109.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-17 0.68N to 0.66N61.95W to 61.97W
19990617_15401918_15405114.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.67N to 0.65N61.97W to 61.99W
19990617_15404914_15412112.tif 5.6MB 1999-06-17 0.66N to 0.64N61.98W to 62.00W
19990617_15411915_15415116.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.65N to 0.63N61.99W to 62.02W
19990617_15414919_15422111.tif 5.7MB 1999-06-17 0.63N to 0.61N62.01W to 62.03W
19990617_15421914_15425112.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-17 0.62N to 0.60N62.02W to 62.05W
19990617_15424913_15432110.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.61N to 0.59N62.04W to 62.06W
19990617_15431919_15435211.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 0.60N to 0.58N62.05W to 62.08W
19990617_15434917_15442116.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 0.58N to 0.56N62.07W to 62.09W
19990617_15441919_15445113.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 0.57N to 0.55N62.08W to 62.10W
19990617_15444921_15452113.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.56N to 0.54N62.10W to 62.12W
19990617_15451923_15455112.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 0.54N to 0.52N62.11W to 62.14W
19990617_15454920_15462116.tif 4.4MB 1999-06-17 0.53N to 0.51N62.13W to 62.15W
19990617_15461921_15465111.tif 5.4MB 1999-06-17 0.52N to 0.50N62.14W to 62.17W
19990617_15464920_15472111.tif 5.4MB 1999-06-17 0.51N to 0.48N62.16W to 62.18W
19990617_15472002_15475108.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-17 0.49N to 0.47N62.17W to 62.20W
19990617_15474916_15482109.tif 3.5MB 1999-06-17 0.48N to 0.46N62.19W to 62.21W
19990617_15494924_15502102.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-17 0.43N to 0.41N62.25W to 62.27W
19990617_15501923_15505112.tif 4.6MB 1999-06-17 0.42N to 0.40N62.26W to 62.29W
19990617_15504917_15512114.tif 3.1MB 1999-06-17 0.40N to 0.38N62.28W to 62.30W
19990617_15511921_15515112.tif 4.9MB 1999-06-17 0.39N to 0.37N62.29W to 62.32W
19990617_16010317_16013514.tif 4.2MB 1999-06-17 0.13N to 0.11N62.59W to 62.61W
19990617_16030314_16033505.tif 2.6MB 1999-06-17 0.09N to 0.06N62.65W to 62.67W
19990617_16040320_16043510.tif 3.1MB 1999-06-17 0.06N to 0.03N62.68W to 62.69W
19990617_16043316_16050401.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.04N to 0.01N62.68W to 62.69W
19990617_16050313_16052120.tif 4.5MB 1999-06-17 0.02N to 0.00S62.69W to 62.70W
19990617_16052917_16060113.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.00S to 0.03S62.69W to 62.70W
19990617_16055914_16063111.tif 6.9MB 1999-06-17 0.02S to 0.04S62.70W to 62.71W
19990617_16062916_16070111.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.04S to 0.06S62.70W to 62.72W
19990617_16065914_16073111.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-17 0.06S to 0.08S62.71W to 62.72W
19990617_16072916_16080109.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-17 0.08S to 0.10S62.71W to 62.73W
19990617_16075918_16083111.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.10S to 0.12S62.72W to 62.73W
19990617_16082913_16090012.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-17 0.11S to 0.14S62.73W to 62.74W
19990617_16085913_16093116.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.13S to 0.16S62.73W to 62.75W
19990617_16102023_16105219.tif 7.5MB 1999-06-17 0.19S to 0.21S62.75W to 62.76W
19990617_16105023_16112203.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.21S to 0.23S62.76W to 62.77W
19990617_16112024_16115203.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.23S to 0.25S62.76W to 62.77W
19990617_16115019_16122210.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.25S to 0.27S62.77W to 62.78W
19990617_16122016_16125210.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.27S to 0.29S62.77W to 62.79W
19990617_16130514_16133708.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.29S to 0.32S62.78W to 62.80W
19990617_16133525_16140719.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-17 0.31S to 0.34S62.79W to 62.80W
19990617_16140517_16143709.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.33S to 0.36S62.79W to 62.81W
19990617_16143521_16150708.tif 7.5MB 1999-06-17 0.35S to 0.38S62.80W to 62.81W
19990617_16150518_16153708.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.37S to 0.40S62.81W to 62.82W
19990617_16153519_16160710.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.39S to 0.42S62.81W to 62.83W
19990617_16160519_16163717.tif 7.5MB 1999-06-17 0.41S to 0.44S62.82W to 62.83W
19990617_16163521_16170714.tif 7.5MB 1999-06-17 0.43S to 0.46S62.83W to 62.84W
19990617_16170525_16173719.tif 7.7MB 1999-06-17 0.45S to 0.48S62.83W to 62.84W
19990617_16173522_16180713.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-17 0.47S to 0.50S62.84W to 62.85W
19990617_16180501_16183721.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-17 0.49S to 0.52S62.84W to 62.86W
19990617_16183520_16190713.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-17 0.51S to 0.54S62.85W to 62.86W
19990617_16190524_16193718.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-17 0.53S to 0.56S62.86W to 62.87W
19990617_16193522_16200515.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.55S to 0.57S62.86W to 62.87W
19990617_16211420_16214617.tif 5.9MB 1999-06-17 0.55S to 0.56S62.91W to 62.93W
19990617_16214422_16221617.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-17 0.54S to 0.56S62.92W to 62.95W
19990617_16221425_16224617.tif 6.9MB 1999-06-17 0.53S to 0.55S62.94W to 62.96W
19990617_16455912_16463110.tif 6.6MB 1999-06-17 0.68S to 0.69S63.67W to 63.70W
19990617_16462915_16470111.tif 6.2MB 1999-06-17 0.68S to 0.69S63.69W to 63.72W
19990617_16465920_16473106.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-17 0.68S to 0.69S63.71W to 63.74W
19990617_16472913_16480126.tif 4.5MB 1999-06-17 0.69S to 0.70S63.73W to 63.76W
19990617_16475920_16483115.tif 5.3MB 1999-06-17 0.69S to 0.70S63.75W to 63.78W
19990617_16482918_16490108.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-17 0.69S to 0.70S63.77W to 63.80W
19990617_16485918_16493106.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-17 0.69S to 0.70S63.79W to 63.82W
19990617_16492917_16500110.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-17 0.70S to 0.71S63.81W to 63.84W
19990617_16495913_16503112.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-17 0.70S to 0.71S63.83W to 63.86W
19990617_16502912_16510111.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-17 0.70S to 0.71S63.85W to 63.88W
19990617_16505910_16513110.tif 6.6MB 1999-06-17 0.71S63.87W to 63.90W
19990617_16512914_16520111.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-17 0.71S to 0.72S63.89W to 63.92W
19990617_16515914_16523112.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-17 0.71S to 0.72S63.91W to 63.94W
19990617_16522917_16530113.tif 6.2MB 1999-06-17 0.71S to 0.72S63.93W to 63.96W
19990617_16525915_16533111.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 0.72S63.95W to 63.98W
19990617_16532919_16540107.tif 6.0MB 1999-06-17 0.72S to 0.73S63.97W to 64.00W
19990617_16535920_16543123.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.72S to 0.73S63.99W to 64.02W
19990617_16542917_16550111.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 0.72S to 0.73S64.01W to 64.04W
19990617_16545917_16553110.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-17 0.73S to 0.74S64.03W to 64.06W
19990617_16552912_16560106.tif 6.3MB 1999-06-17 0.73S to 0.74S64.05W to 64.08W
19990617_170003_170015.tif 3.4MB 1999-06-17 0.72S64.23W to 64.25W
19990617_17003001_17010113.tif 6.4MB 1999-06-17 0.71S to 0.72S64.25W to 64.28W
19990617_17005925_17013112.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-17 0.70S to 0.72S64.27W to 64.30W
19990617_17014005_17020117.tif 4.8MB 1999-06-17 0.70S to 0.71S64.30W to 64.32W
19990617_17015922_17021614.tif 3.8MB 1999-06-17 0.70S to 0.71S64.31W to 64.33W
19990617_17022428_17025619.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.69S to 0.70S64.33W to 64.35W
19990617_17025428_17032616.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.69S to 0.70S64.35W to 64.37W
19990617_17032429_17035619.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.68S to 0.69S64.37W to 64.39W
19990617_17035428_17041513.tif 4.4MB 1999-06-17 0.68S to 0.69S64.39W to 64.41W
19990617_17045428_17052625.tif 5.5MB 1999-06-17 0.67S to 0.68S64.43W to 64.45W
19990617_17052426_17055615.tif 6.6MB 1999-06-17 0.67S to 0.68S64.45W to 64.47W
19990617_17055428_17062616.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.66S to 0.67S64.47W to 64.49W
19990617_17062423_17065619.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.66S to 0.67S64.49W to 64.51W
19990617_17065428_17072617.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.66S to 0.67S64.51W to 64.53W
19990617_17072429_17075615.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.65S to 0.66S64.53W to 64.55W
19990617_17075418_17082607.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-17 0.65S to 0.66S64.55W to 64.57W
19990617_17082500_17085617.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-17 0.64S to 0.65S64.57W to 64.59W
19990617_17085429_17092615.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.64S to 0.65S64.59W to 64.61W
19990617_17092427_17095716.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-17 0.63S to 0.64S64.61W to 64.63W
19990617_17095424_17102614.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-17 0.63S to 0.64S64.63W to 64.65W
19990617_17102426_17105619.tif 7.5MB 1999-06-17 0.63S to 0.64S64.65W to 64.67W
19990617_17105422_17112318.tif 6.9MB 1999-06-17 0.62S to 0.63S64.67W to 64.69W
19990617_17115201_17122306.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-17 0.61S to 0.62S64.71W to 64.73W
19990617_17122121_17125313.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-17 0.61S to 0.62S64.73W to 64.75W
19990617_17125120_17132614.tif 8.1MB 1999-06-17 0.61S to 0.62S64.75W to 64.77W
19990617_17132121_17135311.tif 7.5MB 1999-06-17 0.60S to 0.61S64.77W to 64.79W
19990617_17135118_17142311.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-17 0.60S to 0.61S64.79W to 64.81W
19990617_17142121_17145316.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.59S to 0.60S64.81W to 64.83W
19990617_17145129_17152609.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-17 0.59S to 0.60S64.83W to 64.85W
19990617_17152121_17155317.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-17 0.59S64.85W to 64.87W
19990618_132300_132330.tif 10.0MB 1999-06-18 0.32S to 0.35S67.01W
19990618_132420_132450.tif 9.9MB 1999-06-18 0.38S to 0.40S67.01W
19990618_132450_132520.tif 10.3MB 1999-06-18 0.40S to 0.42S67.01W
19990618_132520_132550.tif 11.4MB 1999-06-18 0.42S to 0.44S67.01W
19990618_132550_132620.tif 11.6MB 1999-06-18 0.44S to 0.46S67.01W
19990618_132620_132650.tif 10.5MB 1999-06-18 0.46S to 0.48S67.01W
19990618_132650_132720.tif 10.0MB 1999-06-18 0.48S to 0.50S67.01W
19990618_132720_132750.tif 10.0MB 1999-06-18 0.50S to 0.52S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_132750_132820.tif 9.2MB 1999-06-18 0.52S to 0.54S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_132820_132850.tif 9.3MB 1999-06-18 0.54S to 0.56S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_132850_132920.tif 9.5MB 1999-06-18 0.56S to 0.58S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_132920_132950.tif 9.6MB 1999-06-18 0.58S to 0.60S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_132950_133020.tif 9.1MB 1999-06-18 0.60S to 0.62S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_133020_133050.tif 9.2MB 1999-06-18 0.62S to 0.64S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_133050_133120.tif 9.4MB 1999-06-18 0.64S to 0.66S67.02W
19990618_133120_133150.tif 8.4MB 1999-06-18 0.66S to 0.68S67.02W
19990618_133150_133220.tif 8.6MB 1999-06-18 0.68S to 0.70S67.02W
19990618_133220_133250.tif 8.0MB 1999-06-18 0.70S to 0.72S67.02W
19990618_133250_133320.tif 8.0MB 1999-06-18 0.72S to 0.74S67.02W
19990618_133320_133350.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-18 0.74S to 0.76S67.02W
19990618_133350_133420.tif 6.1MB 1999-06-18 0.76S to 0.79S67.02W to 67.03W
19990618_133420_133450.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-18 0.78S to 0.81S67.02W to 67.03W
19990618_133510_133540.tif 7.6MB 1999-06-18 0.82S to 0.84S67.02W to 67.03W
19990618_133540_133610.tif 8.3MB 1999-06-18 0.84S to 0.86S67.02W to 67.03W
19990618_133650_133715.tif 8.8MB 1999-06-18 0.89S to 0.91S67.01W to 67.02W
19990618_133730_133750.tif 7.7MB 1999-06-18 0.92S to 0.93S67.01W
19990618_133810_133840.tif 12.3MB 1999-06-18 0.94S to 0.97S67.00W to 67.01W
19990618_133915_133945.tif 7.1MB 1999-06-18 0.99S to 1.01S66.99W to 67.00W
19990618_134010_134040.tif 11.0MB 1999-06-18 1.03S to 1.05S66.98W to 66.99W
19990618_134040_134110.tif 10.5MB 1999-06-18 1.05S to 1.07S66.98W to 66.99W
19990618_134110_134140.tif 10.6MB 1999-06-18 1.07S to 1.09S66.97W to 66.98W
19990618_134210_134240.tif 10.9MB 1999-06-18 1.11S to 1.13S66.96W to 66.97W
19990618_134310_134340.tif 9.4MB 1999-06-18 1.14S to 1.17S66.96W
19990618_134340_134410.tif 9.8MB 1999-06-18 1.16S to 1.19S66.95W to 66.96W
19990618_134410_134440.tif 9.2MB 1999-06-18 1.18S to 1.21S66.95W to 66.96W
19990618_134440_134510.tif 9.9MB 1999-06-18 1.20S to 1.23S66.94W to 66.95W
19990618_134510_134520.tif 3.6MB 1999-06-18 1.22S to 1.23S66.94W to 66.95W
19990618_134610_134640.tif 10.4MB 1999-06-18 1.26S to 1.29S66.93W to 66.94W
19990618_134640_134710.tif 12.0MB 1999-06-18 1.28S to 1.31S66.93W
19990618_134710_134740.tif 13.2MB 1999-06-18 1.30S to 1.33S66.92W to 66.93W
19990618_134740_134810.tif 11.5MB 1999-06-18 1.33S to 1.35S66.92W to 66.93W
19990618_135000_135030.tif 9.9MB 1999-06-18 1.42S to 1.44S66.91W to 66.92W
19990618_135100_135130.tif 9.6MB 1999-06-18 1.46S to 1.48S66.92W
19990618_135200_135230.tif 9.5MB 1999-06-18 1.50S to 1.52S66.92W to 66.93W
19990618_135240_135310.tif 11.1MB 1999-06-18 1.53S to 1.55S66.92W to 66.93W
19990618_135310_135340.tif 10.1MB 1999-06-18 1.55S to 1.57S66.92W
19990618_135340_135410.tif 9.4MB 1999-06-18 1.57S to 1.59S66.91W to 66.92W
19990618_135410_135440.tif 8.3MB 1999-06-18 1.59S to 1.61S66.91W to 66.92W
19990618_135440_135510.tif 8.3MB 1999-06-18 1.61S to 1.63S66.91W
19990618_135510_135540.tif 8.8MB 1999-06-18 1.63S to 1.65S66.90W to 66.91W
19990618_135540_135610.tif 10.5MB 1999-06-18 1.65S to 1.67S66.90W to 66.91W
19990618_135610_135640.tif 13.4MB 1999-06-18 1.67S to 1.69S66.90W
19990618_135640_135710.tif 11.1MB 1999-06-18 1.69S to 1.71S66.89W to 66.90W
19990618_135710_135740.tif 10.1MB 1999-06-18 1.71S to 1.74S66.89W to 66.90W
19990618_135740_135810.tif 8.8MB 1999-06-18 1.73S to 1.75S66.89W to 66.90W
19990618_135810_135840.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-18 1.75S to 1.77S66.89W
19990618_135840_135910.tif 9.0MB 1999-06-18 1.77S to 1.79S66.88W to 66.89W
19990618_135910_135940.tif 9.2MB 1999-06-18 1.79S to 1.81S66.88W to 66.89W
19990618_135940_140010.tif 2.7MB 1999-06-18 1.81S to 1.84S66.87W to 66.89W
19990618_140010_140040.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-18 1.83S to 1.86S66.87W to 66.88W
19990618_140040_140110.tif 8.5MB 1999-06-18 1.85S to 1.88S66.87W to 66.88W
19990618_140110_140140.tif 8.9MB 1999-06-18 1.87S to 1.89S66.87W to 66.88W
19990618_15441423_15444618.tif 7.3MB 1999-06-18 2.22S65.74W to 65.77W
19990618_15451419_15454611.tif 7.4MB 1999-06-18 2.21S to 2.22S65.70W to 65.73W
19990618_15461420_15464707.tif 7.7MB 1999-06-18 2.21S to 2.22S65.66W to 65.69W
19990618_15465917_15473113.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-18 2.21S to 2.22S65.64W to 65.66W
19990618_15525917_15533111.tif 7.0MB 1999-06-18 2.37S to 2.40S65.47W to 65.49W
19990618_15545917_15553110.tif 6.6MB 1999-06-18 2.43S to 2.46S65.41W to 65.43W
19990618_15565915_15573111.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-18 2.49S to 2.52S65.36W to 65.38W
19990618_15575918_15583112.tif 5.0MB 1999-06-18 2.52S to 2.55S65.33W to 65.35W
19990618_16005918_16013113.tif 6.5MB 1999-06-18 2.62S to 2.64S65.25W to 65.27W
19990618_16012919_16020112.tif 6.8MB 1999-06-18 2.63S to 2.65S65.23W to 65.25W
19990618_16055918_16063116.tif 6.7MB 1999-06-18 2.77S to 2.79S65.11W to 65.13W
19990618_16105918_16113112.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-18 2.93S to 2.95S64.99W to 65.01W
19990618_16135916_16143113.tif 8.1MB 1999-06-18 3.03S to 3.05S64.93W to 64.94W
19990618_16165921_16173112.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-18 3.13S to 3.16S64.86W to 64.88W
19990618_16185917_16193006.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-18 3.20S to 3.23S64.82W to 64.84W
19990619_17545917_17553113.tif 8.2MB 1999-06-19 4.34S to 4.37S64.18W to 64.20W
19990619_17555920_17563113.tif 7.6MB 1999-06-19 4.38S to 4.40S64.17W to 64.18W
19990619_17562916_17570111.tif 8.5MB 1999-06-19 4.40S to 4.42S64.16W to 64.17W
19990619_17585919_17593112.tif 8.1MB 1999-06-19 4.49S to 4.51S64.11W to 64.12W
19990619_18015924_18023112.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-19 4.60S to 4.62S64.05W to 64.06W
19990619_18065913_18073114.tif 7.7MB 1999-06-19 4.78S to 4.81S63.95W to 63.96W
19990619_18105914_18113116.tif 7.2MB 1999-06-19 4.93S to 4.95S63.87W to 63.88W
19990619_18112916_18120109.tif 7.7MB 1999-06-19 4.94S to 4.97S63.86W to 63.87W
19990619_18155909_18163107.tif 10.1MB 1999-06-19 5.11S to 5.13S63.77W to 63.79W
19990619_18185914_18193114.tif 11.8MB 1999-06-19 5.21S to 5.24S63.71W to 63.73W
19990619_18225917_18233113.tif 8.8MB 1999-06-19 5.35S to 5.38S63.64W to 63.65W
19990619_18265921_18273113.tif 9.0MB 1999-06-19 5.49S to 5.52S63.56W to 63.58W
19990619_18272916_18280108.tif 8.5MB 1999-06-19 5.51S to 5.54S63.55W to 63.57W
19990619_18305912_18313027.tif 8.3MB 1999-06-19 5.63S to 5.65S63.60W to 63.62W
19990619_18315911_18323116.tif 7.6MB 1999-06-19 5.66S to 5.68S63.63W to 63.65W
19990619_18322914_18330221.tif 8.7MB 1999-06-19 5.68S to 5.70S63.64W to 63.66W

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