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MODIS Collection 5 Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool

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ORNL DAAC. 2017. MODIS Collection 6 Land Products Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

Tool Overview

ToolMODIS Collection 5 Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool
Release date2015-08-28
ProjectMODIS Land Products Subsets
Time Period2002-01-01 to 2013-12-31


The MODIS global subsetting and visualization tool provides customized subsets and visualizations of 13 MODIS Collection 5 land products on demand for any land area on Earth, from 1 pixel up to 201 x 201 km. Subset products are made available to the user through an interactive web page. On this page are time series plots, QC information, land cover and phenology, citation, and data download. Users specify a location for the center point of their area of interest by either entering the geographic coordinates or selecting the location on an interactive map. The land area is then defined by specifying the desired number of kilometers Above and BelowŁ and Left and Right of the center point (recall that MODIS land products are in sinusoidal projection). Users then choose the desired MODIS land product (Table 1) and date range for this subset. After providing a valid e-mail address, the request is submitted and the subset and associated products created. The user receives an e-mail with a link to a customized Data Visualization and Download page. The tool provides time series plots of the measurement, quality information, land cover grid (land cover classification) of the area and phenology, along with an estimate of heterogeneity (Shannon richness and evenness). The land product subset data are provided in comma-separated value (*.csv) and GeoTIFF (*.tif) formats.


Tool reference document


ORNL DAAC. 2008. MODIS Collection 5 Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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MODIS Land Products Subsets: The goal of the MODIS Land Products Subsets activity is to prepare and distribute subsets of selected MODIS Land Products in a scale and format useful for field researchers. The ORNL DAAC delivers the subsets along with various visualizations and the data are offered as comman separated text files and in GIS compatible format. The subset data are particularly useful for validation and intercomparison in conjunction with other field data.

Data Files

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Version History

VersionTool TitlePublished
V1MODIS Collection 5 Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool2015-08-28
V1MODIS Collection 6 Land Products Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool2017-04-10

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