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Airborne Fluxes and Meteorology (AFM)

AFM-13: Analysis and Interpretation of Airborne Flux Observations Over the BOREAS Sites

P.I.(s): Peter Schuepp -- McGill University
Co-I(s): Ian MacPherson -- NRC; Ray L. Desjardins -- Agric. Canada; Monique Y. Leclerc -- Univ. of Quebec

Objectives: In this modeling and analysis study, NRC Twin Otter data and TF data are being analyzed to define realistic footprint functions over the BOREAS sites, so that airborne observations are related to the correct ground surface with its biological and ecological characteristics. This permits site-wise and inter-site "mapping" of the exchange of momentum, heat, moisture, CO2, CH4, and O3 (and maybe NMHCs). The effects of intermittent cloudiness on the structure of turbulent transfer and its effects on airborne flux mapping are also being studied.

AFM-13 Pictures

The NRC Twin Otter

AFM-13 Data Sets

  • Aircraft Flux Analyses (Schuepp)

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    Last Updated: October 20, 1997