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AFM-11: Fluxes Over Inhomogeneous Surfaces in BOREAS

P.I.(s): Larry Mahrt -- Oregon State University
Co-I(s): Robert Scanlan -- Oregon State Univ.; Ian MacPherson -- NRC; Robert Kelly -- Univ of Wyoming; Dennis Lenschow -- NCAR

Objectives: This modeling study will analyze Aircraft data from the Wyoming King Air and the Canadian Twin Otter, and the NCAR Electra to compute fluxes of heat, moisture, momentum, CO2, and other chemical species. It is essential that sampling criteria are satisfied and the impact of surface heterogeneity is assessed. The 1994 field program will be completed to provide estimates for BORIS.
We will emphasize variations over inhomogeneous surfaces and estimates of spatially averages fluxes over regional scales using repeated flight legs over the same terrain and partitioning the flight track according to the greenness index and other indicators of surface conditions.

AFM-11 Data Sets

  • Aircraft Flux Analyses (Mahrt)

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    Last Updated: October 20, 1997