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AFM-12: Modeling Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions at Various Scales in Support of BOREAS

P.I.(s): Roger Pielke, Tsengdar J. Lee -- Colorado State University
Co-I(s): Tim Kittel -- Colorado State Univ.; Tom Loveland, Louis Steyaert -- USGS

Objectives: This modeling study is designed to improve our understanding of the interaction between a heterogeneous sub-Arctic landscape and the overlying atmosphere. The Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS), which includes sophisticated parameterization of vegetation and soils is being used for this purpose. Simulations with RAMS are being performed to develop an improved understanding of soil/vegetation/atmospheric interactions and to develop a parameterization of heterogeneous landscapes for use in larger scale models (e.g., general circulation models-GCMs).

AFM-12 Data Sets

  • RAMS Model

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    Last Updated: October 20, 1997