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Data Tools

ORNL DAAC provides various tools and services to help researchers readily find and access data sets of interest. A broad categorization of the tools and their functionality is provided in the table below.

Functionality Matrix

Tool Name Description Links Data Search Visualization Subsetting Analysis Services
Advanced Data Search Search for ORNL DAAC metadata and related data sets. Provides free text, fielded, spatial, temporal and hierarchical search capabilities. Filter, sort, save, subscribe and bookmark search results
Tool Link
Metadata Yes No No No Yes
DOI search Search by article DOI for data sets cited or referred to by the article. Explore data sets related to the article keywords.
Tool Link Metadata Yes No No No Yes
MODIS Fixed Site Obtain MODIS Land Product subsets for areas centered on more than 1,000 field sites and flux towers from around the world Tool Link Gridded Yes Yes Yes No No
MODIS Global Order MODIS Land Product subsets for any site, area (from 1 pixel up to 201 x 201 km), and time period globally. Tool Link Point
No Yes Yes No No
MODIS Web Service MODIS Land Product subsets through standards based SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Web service. Tool Link Point
No No Yes No Yes
Spatial Data Access Visualize and download ORNL DAAC archived and other relevant geospatial data sets in various file formats, projection, and resolution using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards. Tool Link
Gridded No Yes Yes No Yes
WebGIS WebGIS is an Internet based technology that enables users to browse, query, and display spatial data using a standard web browser. Tool Link
No Yes No Yes No
THREDDS Find, access, and subset limited datasets. Provides data using OpenDAP in a format useful for modeling. Tool Link Point
Yes No Yes No No