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Model Archive

Archiving environmental numeric data model products has become recognized as a vital research practice because it improves our ability to reproduce results, to perform additional analyses, and to synthesize results while investigating new hypotheses (Thornton et al 2005).

The ORNL DAAC compiles, archives, and distributes numerical models including the source code, input data, and output results in two tiers. The first tier supports the storage and retrieval of benchmark model versions, and the second tier supports the association of published research results with specific model implementations. Model products include:

  • Biogeochemical process models
  • Biosphere simulation models
  • Ecosystem process and response models
  • Land surface models
  • Scalable vegetation models

Biogeochemical Process Models
Biogeochemical Process Models are ecosystem process models that estimate fluxes and storage of energy, water, carbon, and nitrogen for the vegetation and soil components of terrestrial ecosystems (Biome-BGC); and include:
Biosphere Simulation Models

Biosphere simulation models provide a comprehensive model of the terrestrial biosphere, and include:

Ecosystem Process and Response Models

Ecosystem process and response models model carbon, water, and nutrient dynamics for ecosystems; and include:

Land Surface Models

Land surface models examine biogeophysical and biogeochemical land-atmosphere interactions and include:

Scalable Vegetation Models

Scalable vegetation models model landscapes at both regional and global scales, and include: