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How to Get ORNL DAAC Data

Search for Data

The ORNL DAAC offers several ways to find data of interest.

Advanced Data Search

The Advanced Data Search option from the Data menu opens the Mercury metadata search system that provides options for keyword, spatial and temporal searches across multiple data sources such as: ORNL DAAC Archived Data, Land Validation Data, Regional and Global Data, Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network, and Organization of Biological Field stations.

This video tutorial of the ORNL DAAC search and order interface covers a simple search for a data set, data visualization options, data ordering and download. The tutorial covers one aspect of the search and order interface. Watch the tutorial.

Users can also browse directory trees for archived ORNL DAAC products, Regional and Global Data, and Land Validation Data by:

  • Data Set title
  • Parameter/Source/Site
  • Site/Sensor/Parameter
  • Topic/Term/Parameter
  • Parameter/Source/Sensor
If you are unfamiliar with EOS data products, Browse Tree is a great way to learn about our metadata.

Search by DOI

To search for data sets that are cited or referred to in an article, enter the article's digital object identifier (DOI) into the ORNL DAAC DOI search. In addition, a Mercury keyword search based on the article's title displays related data sets.

Browse by Attribute

Browse ORNL DAAC archived data sets by attributes.

Browse FTP Site

Browse ORNL DAAC Data Holdings via FTP.

THREDDS Data Server (TDS) Catalog Service

For a limited number of ORNL DAAC data products, the ORNL DAAC offers a TDS Catalog Service.

Complete Data Set List

The Complete Data Set List provides a list by category of the number of data sets available within each project. The project name is a link to the list of available data sets within each project, where the data set can be downloaded.

Browse Data by Product

ORNL DAAC data is archived by product.

Field Campaign Data

Download Field Campaign Data:

Land Validation Project Data

Download Land Validation Data:

Regional and Global Data

Download Regional and Global Data:

Model Archive Data

Download Model Archive data.