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ISLSCP II Snow-Free, Spatially Complete, 16 Day Albedo, 2002

Data Set Overview

Data setISLSCP II Snow-Free, Spatially Complete, 16 Day Albedo, 2002
Release date2010-01-25
ProjectISLSCP Initiative II (ISLSCP II)
Time Period2002-01-01


This data set contains 9 files for snow-free, spatially complete 16-day global black-sky albedos at local solar noon, white-sky albedos and quality information based on MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Collection 4 Albedo Products (MOD43B3). Data are provided for 7 spectral bands and 3 broad bands for a full year of MODIS data (2002). An ecosystem-dependent temporal interpolation technique was developed to fill any missing or seasonally snow-covered data in the official MOD43B3 albedo product. The resulting data set maintains the original resolution and data of the MOD43B3 product while replacing fill values to provide snow-free spatially complete maps.


Data set reference document


Moody, E.G., King, M.D., Schaaf, C.L., and Gao, F. 2009.ISLSCP II Snow-Free, Spatially Complete, 16 Day Albedo, 2002. In Hall, Forest G., G. Collatz, B. Meeson, S. Los, E. Brown de Colstoun, and D. Landis (eds.). ISLSCP Initiative II Collection. Data Set. Available on-line []from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/960
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ISLSCP Initiative II (ISLSCP II): The International Satellite Land-Surface Climatology Project

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates 54.8 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 4.3 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 15.2 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 55.6 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 81.5 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 4.3 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 20.4 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 15.4 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31 5.4 MB 2002-01-01 - 2002-12-31

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