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SE-590 Low Altitude Reflectances (OTTER)

Data Set Overview

Data setSE-590 Low Altitude Reflectances (OTTER)
Release date1994-07-24
ProjectOregon Transect Ecosystem Research
Time Period1990-08-13 to 1991-07-03


Low altitude (Ultralight) spectral reflectances of OTTER research sites measured by Spectron SE590 spectrophotometer


Data set reference document


McCreight, R.W., and R.H. Waring. 1994. SE-590 Low Altitude Reflectances (OTTER). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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Oregon Transect Ecosystem Research : The Oregon Transect Ecosystem Research (OTTER) project was a collaborative effort between NASA and several universities to study the ecology of western coniferous forests using remote sensing technology supported by ground observations. The primary objective of the OTTER project was to estimate major fluxes of carbon, nitrogen, and water in coniferous forests using an ecosystem process model.

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Oregon Transect Ecosystem Research has 6 available companion files.
  • aug90cam.txt
  • oct90cam.txt
  • siteloc.txt
  • jun90cam.txt
  • win90cam.txt
  • may91cam.txt

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  • mccreigh.txt
  • se590.txt
  • SE590_Low_Altitude_Reflectance_Data.pdf

Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
1A9101703.prn 5.7 KB 1991-07-03 45.07N123.95W
1o910703.prn 5.7 KB 1991-07-03 45.05N123.92W
2901011.prn 5.7 KB 1990-10-11 44.60N123.27W
2df10830.prn 3.9 KB 1990-08-13 44.60N123.27W
2gf11353.prn 3.9 KB 1990-08-13 44.60N123.27W
2ow11225.prn 3.9 KB 1990-08-13 44.60N123.27W
3901020.prn 5.7 KB 1990-10-20 44.67N122.61W
4901008.prn 5.7 KB 1990-10-08 44.42N121.84W
5901007.prn 5.7 KB 1990-10-07 44.38N121.68W
6901007.prn 5.7 KB 1990-10-07 44.29N121.33W

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