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SAFARI 2000 TOMS Aerosol Index Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000


Data setSAFARI 2000 TOMS Aerosol Index Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000
Release date2005-12-19
ProjectSouthern African Regional Science Initiative Project (SAFARI 2000)
Time period2000-08-12 to 2000-09-30

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Daily Aerosol Index (AI) data from Earth Probe (EP) Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) for the period of August 12-September 25, 2000 were processed and provided by the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch at NASA/GSFC for the SAFARI 2000 Dry Season Aircraft Campaign.The TOMS AI is formed directly from measured TOMS radiances in two channels. It is a measure of how much the wavelength dependence of backscattered UV radiation from an atmosphere containing aerosols (Mie scattering, Rayleigh scattering, and absorption) differs from that of a pure molecular atmosphere (pure Rayleigh scattering). Quantitatively, the AI is defined at Positive values represent absorbing aerosols (dust and smoke); negative values represent non-absorbing aerosols. The identification is not perfect because of geophysical reasons (e.g., when aerosols are too low to the ground).The data from TOMS records have been used increasingly to understand the behavior of aerosols within the atmosphere. The TOMS is the first instrument to allow observation of aerosols as the particles cross the land/sea boundary. Using these data it is possible to observe a wide range of phenomena such as desert dust storms, forest fires, and biomass burning.The TOMS AI data are a daily gridded Level-3 product (ASCII .dat format) that covers the area of 40 deg. S to the Equator and 40 deg. W to 80 deg. E. There is also a JPEG image of each data file.

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McPeters, R., A.M. Thompson, and D. Larko. 2005. SAFARI 2000 TOMS Aerosol Index Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesCompanion file
aerosol_index_2000_08_12.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-12 aerosol_index_2000_08_12.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_13.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-13 aerosol_index_2000_08_13.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_14.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-14 aerosol_index_2000_08_14.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_15.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-15 aerosol_index_2000_08_15.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_16.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-16 aerosol_index_2000_08_16.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_17.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-17 aerosol_index_2000_08_17.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_18.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-18 aerosol_index_2000_08_18.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_19.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-19 aerosol_index_2000_08_19.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_20.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-20 aerosol_index_2000_08_20.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_21.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-21 aerosol_index_2000_08_21.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_22.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-22 aerosol_index_2000_08_22.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_23.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-23 aerosol_index_2000_08_23.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_24.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-24 aerosol_index_2000_08_24.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_25.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-25 aerosol_index_2000_08_25.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_26.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-26 aerosol_index_2000_08_26.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_27.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-27 aerosol_index_2000_08_27.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_28.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-28 aerosol_index_2000_08_28.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_29.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-29 aerosol_index_2000_08_29.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_30.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-30 aerosol_index_2000_08_30.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_08_31.dat 12.8KB 2000-08-31 aerosol_index_2000_08_31.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_01.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-01 aerosol_index_2000_09_01.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_02.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-02 aerosol_index_2000_09_02.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_03.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-03 aerosol_index_2000_09_03.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_04.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-04 aerosol_index_2000_09_04.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_05.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-05 aerosol_index_2000_09_05.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_06.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-06 aerosol_index_2000_09_06.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_07.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-07 aerosol_index_2000_09_07.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_08.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-08 aerosol_index_2000_09_08.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_09.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-09 aerosol_index_2000_09_09.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_10.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-10 aerosol_index_2000_09_10.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_11.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-11 aerosol_index_2000_09_11.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_12.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-12 aerosol_index_2000_09_12.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_13.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-13 aerosol_index_2000_09_13.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_14.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-14 aerosol_index_2000_09_14.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_15.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-15 aerosol_index_2000_09_15.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_16.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-16 aerosol_index_2000_09_16.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_17.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-17 aerosol_index_2000_09_17.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_18.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-18 aerosol_index_2000_09_18.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_19.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-19 aerosol_index_2000_09_19.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_20.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-20 aerosol_index_2000_09_20.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_21.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-21 aerosol_index_2000_09_21.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_22.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-22 aerosol_index_2000_09_22.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_23.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-23 aerosol_index_2000_09_23.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_24.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-24 aerosol_index_2000_09_24.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_25.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-25 aerosol_index_2000_09_25.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_26.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-26 aerosol_index_2000_09_26.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_27.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-27 aerosol_index_2000_09_27.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_28.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-28 aerosol_index_2000_09_28.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_29.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-29 aerosol_index_2000_09_29.jpg
aerosol_index_2000_09_30.dat 12.8KB 2000-09-30 aerosol_index_2000_09_30.jpg

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