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SAFARI 2000 Surface Irradiance Measurements, Mongu Tower Site, Zambia, 2000-2002


DatasetSAFARI 2000 Surface Irradiance Measurements, Mongu Tower Site, Zambia, 2000-2002
Release date2005-03-08
Time period2000-09-04 to 2002-12-31

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This data set contains the top-of-canopy irradiance in the shortwave (0.3-2.8 micron) and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR; 0.4-0.7 micron) wavebands collected with an Eppley Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP) and a Skye SKE510 pyranometer, respectively. The instruments were deployed at the top of the 30-m tower in the Kataba Local Forest approximately 20 km south of Mongu in Western Province, Zambia. The data include the hourly mean and maximum values from 0500-1600 GMT (7 a.m. - 6 p.m. local time) and cover the period from September 4, 2000 to December 31, 2002. The data were obtained primarily for EOS validation and energy budget modeling.The Skye SKE510 uses a blue enhanced planar diffused silicon detector and has a fairly even response from 400 to 700 nm. The Eppley PSP is a World Meteorological Organization First Class Radiometer designed for the measurement of sun and sky radiation, totally or in defined broad wavelength bands. It comprises a circular multi-junction wire-wound thermopile. A data logger sampled the sensors at 60-second intervals and recorded the maximum and mean values every 60 minutes throughout the day.The data are contained within a single ASCII text file, in comma-separated-value format, with associated date, time, and QA information.

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Privette, J.L., and M.M. Mukelabai. 2005. SAFARI 2000 Surface Irradiance Measurements, Mongu Tower Site, Zambia, 2000-2002. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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