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SAFARI 2000 Woody Vegetation Characteristics of Kalahari and Skukuza Sites


DatasetSAFARI 2000 Woody Vegetation Characteristics of Kalahari and Skukuza Sites
Release date2005-02-25
Time period2000-02-29 to 2000-06-25

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This data set contains species composition, basal area, height, and crown cover of all woody plants at six sites along the Kalahari Transect visited in February-March of 2000 as part of SAFARI 2000. Similar measurements on woody and herbaceous vegetation at the Skukuza Flux Tower site in Kruger National Park, South Africa, were made in June of 2000. Leaf area index was derived from measurements made using PAR sensors at each site.Sampling protocol was the same at each site, with a slight variation at Skukuza. A grid of 42 points, 6 rows of 7 columns, each 50 m apart, was laid down in an area 300 m x 350 m for the Kalahari Transect sites. At Skukuza, the grid was 7x7, or 350 m x 350 m, centered on the tower site, yielding 49 points. At each grid point, all woody plants within a circular plot of a fixed radius were identified and measured. Stem circumference was measured on all stems and basal area per stem was derived. Basal area for the circular plots, per species, was calculated and extrapolated to hectares. Tree and stem densities were determined from the number of trees and stems in subplots and extrapolated to hectares. Woody plant height and canopy cover were determined, and aboveground woody biomass and peak leaf area index were estimated. The files are in comma-delimited ASCII format, with the first line listing the data set, author, and date, followed by the data records.

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Scholes, R.J. 2005. SAFARI 2000 Woody Vegetation Characteristics of Kalahari and Skukuza Sites. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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kt_lai.csv 496 B 2000-02-29 to 2000-06-25
kt_tree_data.csv 5.2KB 2000-02-29 to 2000-06-25
skukuza_herb_data.csv 587 B 2000-02-29 to 2000-06-25
skukuza_lai.csv 726 B 2000-02-29 to 2000-06-25
skukuza_tree_data.csv 992 B 2000-02-29 to 2000-06-25

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