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SAFARI 2000 LAI Measurements at Kalahari Transect Sites, Wet Season 2000

Data Set Overview

Data setSAFARI 2000 LAI Measurements at Kalahari Transect Sites, Wet Season 2000
Release date2005-02-07
ProjectSouthern African Regional Science Initiative Project (SAFARI 2000)
Time period2000-03-04

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The Boston University team collected several data sets along the Kalahari Transect during the SAFARI 2000 wet season field campaign from March 3rd to March 18th, 2000, to support the validation of the MODIS LAI/FPAR algorithm. Ground measurements of LAI, FPAR, leaf hemispherical reflectance, leaf hemispherical transmittance, and canopy transmittance were made using a LAI-2000 plant canopy analyzer, an AccuPAR ceptometer, a LiCor 1800-12S External Integrating Sphere (LI-1800) portable spectroradiometer, and an ASD handheld spectroradiometer. LAI data are provided in this data set. LAI was intensively measured at 4 different sites in Botswana -- Pandamatenga, Maun, Okwa River, and Tshane (from north to south) -- where vegetation types range from moist closed woodlands to arid sparsely-shrub-covered grasslands.

Data set documentation


Myneni, R.B., Y. Tian, and Y. Wang. 2005. SAFARI 2000 LAI Measurements at Kalahari Transect Sites, Wet Season 2000. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
kt_transect_lai2000.csv 2.9KB 2000-03-04 - 2000-03-16
maun_pixel_lai.csv 1.7KB 2000-03-04 - 2000-03-16
okwa_pixel_lai.csv 1.8KB 2000-03-04 - 2000-03-16
panda_pixel_total_lai.csv 1.6KB 2000-03-04 - 2000-03-16
panda_tree_lai.csv 1.8KB 2000-03-04 - 2000-03-16
tshane_pixel_lai.csv 1.8KB 2000-03-04 - 2000-03-16

Companion Files

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Data set has 3 companion files.

  • kt_lai.pdf
  • GPS_Coords_transect_endpts.txt
  • kt_lai_readme.pdf