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SAFARI 2000 Landscape Photographs of Kalahari Transect, Mongu, Skukuza Sites


DatasetSAFARI 2000 Landscape Photographs of Kalahari Transect, Mongu, Skukuza Sites
Release date2005-02-07
Time period2000-03-01 to 2000-09-11

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Downloads1992007-12-032017-11-078681 total files downloaded


This data set contains Global Positioning System (GPS) imprinted landscape photographs at 100-m intervals along the Large Grid Transects at Kalahari Transect sites in Botswana and at measurement sites in Kataba Forest, Mongu, Zambia, and in the vicinity of the Skukuza flux tower site in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The Kalahari sites visited were Pandamatenga, Maun, Okwa Valley, and Tshane. There are about 30 pictures per site. In a related study, vegetation cover and composition were measured at various locations along the Kalahari Transect and trends in major vegetative cover, including species types and richness, were recorded (Ringrose and Matheson, 2004). The photographs are intended to aid in the interpretation of other data sets, and can be used to suggest canopy height, gap fraction, grass, soil, and sky conditions. The photographs are provided as JPEG images.

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Privette, J.L., and Y. Tian. 2005. SAFARI 2000 Landscape Photographs of Kalahari Transect, Mongu, Skukuza Sites. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
maun-01.jpg 113.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-02.jpg 126.3KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-03.jpg 117.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-04.jpg 121.9KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-05.jpg 115.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-06.jpg 111.2KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-07.jpg 105.5KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-08.jpg 113.6KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-09.jpg 98.9KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.93E
maun-10.jpg 134.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-11.jpg 109.4KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-12.jpg 127.7KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-13.jpg 102.9KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-14.jpg 113.3KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-15.jpg 109.8KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-16.jpg 129.5KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-17.jpg 99.7KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-18.jpg 140.8KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-19.jpg 95.8KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-20.jpg 87.5KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-21.jpg 111.6KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-22.jpg 108.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-23.jpg 126.0KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-24.jpg 123.7KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-25.jpg 99.8KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-26.jpg 99.0KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-27.jpg 95.5KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-28.jpg 94.4KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-29.jpg 81.7KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-30.jpg 107.7KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-31.jpg 98.8KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-32.jpg 108.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-33.jpg 110.3KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
maun-34.jpg 89.1KB 2000-03-08 20.59S19.92E
mongu01.jpg 386.0KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu02.jpg 364.9KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu03.jpg 376.9KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.43E
mongu04.jpg 366.6KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu05.jpg 365.3KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu06.jpg 363.9KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu07.jpg 370.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.43E
mongu08.jpg 371.3KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.43E
mongu09.jpg 370.8KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu10.jpg 395.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.43E
mongu11.jpg 377.3KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu12.jpg 395.9KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu13.jpg 391.5KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu14.jpg 330.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu15.jpg 381.8KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu16.jpg 375.3KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu17.jpg 382.3KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu18.jpg 382.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu19.jpg 400.5KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu20.jpg 396.3KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu21.jpg 394.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu22.jpg 375.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu23.jpg 375.9KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu24.jpg 389.9KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu25.jpg 381.1KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu26.jpg 367.4KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
mongu27.jpg 397.6KB 2000-09-05 15.88S15.44E
okwa-01.jpg 96.7KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-02.jpg 83.7KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-03.jpg 86.3KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-04.jpg 104.8KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-05.jpg 102.7KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-06.jpg 98.9KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-07.jpg 109.9KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-08.jpg 90.3KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-09.jpg 70.2KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-10.jpg 88.7KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-11.jpg 102.2KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-12.jpg 129.5KB 2000-03-12 22.37S22.41E
okwa-13.jpg 91.5KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-14.jpg 94.0KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-15.jpg 99.0KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-16.jpg 104.1KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-17.jpg 101.9KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-18.jpg 109.0KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-19.jpg 80.1KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-20.jpg 105.4KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-21.jpg 110.5KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-22.jpg 82.2KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-23.jpg 93.2KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa-24.jpg 97.4KB 2000-03-13 22.37S22.41E
okwa_B000_33.jpg 227.0KB 2000-03-09 22.41S21.71E
okwa_B075E_34.jpg 192.6KB 2000-03-09 22.41S21.71E
okwa_B175E_35.jpg 256.4KB 2000-03-09 22.41S21.71E
okwa_B275E_36.jpg 247.6KB 2000-03-09 22.41S21.71E
okwa_B375E_37.jpg 199.4KB 2000-03-09 22.41S21.71E
panda_01.jpg 103.2KB 2000-03-03 19.40S18.66E
panda_02.jpg 122.6KB 2000-03-03 19.40S18.66E
panda_03.jpg 114.9KB 2000-03-03 19.40S18.66E
panda_04.jpg 116.8KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.65E
panda_05.jpg 119.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.65E
panda_06.jpg 135.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.65E
panda_07.jpg 104.5KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.65E
panda_08.jpg 114.9KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.65E
panda_09.jpg 132.2KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_10.jpg 109.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_11.jpg 109.8KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_12.jpg 135.3KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_13.jpg 106.1KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_14.jpg 106.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_15.jpg 107.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_16.jpg 107.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_17.jpg 110.2KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_18.jpg 83.1KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_19.jpg 95.0KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_20.jpg 112.0KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_21.jpg 111.5KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_22.jpg 101.8KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_23.jpg 102.9KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_24.jpg 87.5KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_25.jpg 104.1KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_26.jpg 96.7KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_27.jpg 85.3KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_28.jpg 107.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_29.jpg 132.1KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_30.jpg 115.8KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_31.jpg 109.8KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_32.jpg 115.5KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_33.jpg 94.2KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
panda_34.jpg 85.4KB 2000-03-04 19.40S18.66E
picture_1.jpg 262.0KB 2000-09-11 25.84S25.02E
picture_2.jpg 318.6KB 2000-03-01 15.88S15.44E
skukuza01.jpg 290.3KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza02.jpg 243.2KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza03.jpg 324.2KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza04.jpg 352.1KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza05.jpg 344.8KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza06.jpg 356.1KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza07.jpg 345.7KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza08.jpg 375.7KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza09.jpg 369.2KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza10.jpg 390.3KB 2000-09-10 25.83S25.02E
skukuza11.jpg 365.1KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza12.jpg 297.6KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza13.jpg 327.6KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza14.jpg 346.6KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza15.jpg 354.9KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza16.jpg 304.8KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza17.jpg 354.0KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza18.jpg 294.6KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza19.jpg 354.0KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza20.jpg 316.1KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza21.jpg 364.6KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza22.jpg 310.7KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza23.jpg 322.0KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
skukuza24.jpg 338.1KB 2000-09-10 25.84S25.02E
tshane-01.jpg 52.1KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.16E
tshane-02.jpg 80.6KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-03.jpg 76.0KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-04.jpg 84.7KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-05.jpg 86.0KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-06.jpg 96.7KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-07.jpg 89.4KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-08.jpg 77.7KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-09.jpg 84.4KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.17E
tshane-10.jpg 84.6KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.16E
tshane-11.jpg 81.0KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.16E
tshane-12.jpg 102.3KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.16E
tshane-13.jpg 76.2KB 2000-03-15 24.68S24.16E
tshane-14.jpg 96.5KB 2000-03-17 24.68S24.16E
tshane-15.jpg 73.0KB 2000-03-17 24.68S24.16E
tshane_A000_35.jpg 203.4KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_A075W_01.jpg 203.3KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_A075W_37.jpg 162.6KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_A175W_02.jpg 221.2KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_A275W_03.jpg 217.1KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_A375W_04.jpg 267.0KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N000_29.jpg 291.6KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N075E_28.jpg 232.5KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N075W_30.jpg 256.6KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N175E_27.jpg 182.7KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N175W_31.jpg 246.5KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N275E_26.jpg 234.4KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N275W_32.jpg 180.8KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N375E_25.jpg 202.6KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E
tshane_N375W_33.jpg 204.0KB 2000-03-18 24.16S21.89E

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  • GPS_Coords_transect_endpts.txt
  • kt_gps_photos_readme.pdf
  • kt_gps_photos_inventory.xls