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RLC AVHRR-Derived Land Cover, Former Soviet Union, Far East, 1-km, 1990

Data Set Overview

Data setRLC AVHRR-Derived Land Cover, Former Soviet Union, Far East, 1-km, 1990
Release date2004-01-07
ProjectRussian Land Cover (RLC)
Time Period1990-05-15


This data set is a 1-kilometer resolution land cover map for the land area of the Primor'ye and Southern Khabarovsk Regions, in the Russian Far East, based on 1990 NOAA AVHRR data. Labeling of land cover classes depended upon the Russian 1990 Forest Cover Map (Garsia, 1990), the analyst's experience with AVHRR data, and Russian data sources. There are eight classes distinguished in this dataset, of which 5 are forest cover classes.The objective of this work was to create a 1-km resolution land cover map of the region of the Far Eastern Siberia based on NOAA AVHRR data which might be used by World Wildlife Fund researchers to aid in the definition of remaining habitats and range for threatened animal species (Stone and Schlesinger, 1996).


Data set reference document


Stone, T.A., and P. Schlesinger. 2003. RLC AVHRR-Derived Land Cover, Former Soviet Union, Far East, 1-km, 1990. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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Russian Land Cover (RLC): The Russian Land Cover database consists of land use and land cover satellite-based map products of Russia and of the Former Soviet Union. The GIS products included provide scientists and resource managers with the information needed in the management, characterization, and measurement of Russian forest resources as well as the land use and land cover data needed for Russian land management.

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Companion Files

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  • landcov_rfe_readme.txt
  • WWF_landcover_Stone_1996.pdf
  • landcov_rfe_mapcode.txt
  • RLC_AVHRR_1_km.pdf
  • landcov_rfe_report.doc
  • landcov_rfe_projection.txt

Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesCompanion file
landcov_rfe.dat 2.1 MB 1990-05-15 - 1990-08-17
landcov_rfe.doc 1.4 KB 1990-05-15 - 1990-08-17
landcov_rfe.img 1.0 MB 1990-05-15 - 1990-08-17 landcov_rfe.jpg 3.9 MB 1990-05-15 - 1990-08-17

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