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SAFARI 2000 Vegetation and Soils, 1-Deg (Wilson and Henderson-Sellers)


DatasetSAFARI 2000 Vegetation and Soils, 1-Deg (Wilson and Henderson-Sellers)
Release date2002-04-25
Time period1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31

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This data set contains a subset for southern Africa of Wilson and Henderson-Sellers' Global Vegetation and Soils 1-degree data. The data are available in both ASCII GRID and binary image file formats.

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Wilson, M.F., and A. Henderson-Sellers. 2002. SAFARI 2000 Vegetation and Soils, 1-Deg (Wilson and Henderson-Sellers). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
land_rel_safari.dat 4.6KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
land_rel_safari.img 2.2KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
soil_rel_safari.dat 4.6KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
soil_rel_safari.img 2.2KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
soil_safari.dat 5.6KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
soil_safari.img 2.2KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
veg_pri_safari.dat 5.6KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
veg_pri_safari.img 2.2KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
veg_sec_safari.dat 5.6KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31
veg_sec_safari.img 2.2KB 1900-01-01 to 1999-12-31

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  • wilhend_readme.pdf