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Arctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996

Data Set Overview

Data setArctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996
Release date2002-02-26
Time Period1994-01-01 to 1997-01-01


CO2 and water vapor fluxes and ecosystem characteristics were measured at 24 sites along a 317-km transect from the Arctic coast to the latitudinal treeline in Alaska during the growing seasons of 1994-1996.


Data set reference document


Chapin, F.S.III, W. Eugster, and J.P. McFadden. 2002. Arctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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  • mcfadden_flux_guide.pdf
  • Alaska_Kuparuk_sites_format.txt
  • Alaska_Kuparuk_sites.pdf
  • Alaska_Kuparuk_sites.dat
  • Alaska_Kuparuk_flux_format.txt

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
Alaska_Kuparuk_flux.dat 1.3 MB 1994-01-01 - 1997-01-01


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