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VEMAP 2: U.S. Annual Climate, 1895-1993

Model Overview

ModelVEMAP 2: U.S. Annual Climate, 1895-1993
Release date2001-03-16
ProjectVegetation-Ecosystem Modeling & Analysis Project (VEMAP)
Time Period1895-01-01 to 1993-12-31


An integrated input data set for ecosystem and vegetation modeling for the conterminous United States. The data set is a ~100 year fully gridded annual time series of climate that includes realistic interannual variability.


Model reference document


Kittel, T.G.F., N.A. Rosenbloom, C. Kaufman, J.A. Royle, C. Daly, H.H. Fisher, W.P. Gibson, S. Aulenbach, D.N. Yates, R. McKeown, D.S. Schimel, and VEMAP 2 Participants. 2001. VEMAP 2: U.S. Annual Climate, 1895-1993 . ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
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Vegetation-Ecosystem Modeling & Analysis Project (VEMAP): A multi-institutional, international effort whose goal is to evaluate the sensitivity of terrestrial ecosystem and vegetation processes to altered climate forcing and elevated atmospheric CO2. Phase 1 of the VEMAP project developed a model database of climate, soils, and vegetation compatible with the requirements of three ecosystem physiology models and three vegetation lifeform distribution models. Phase 2 developed a historical (1895-1994) gridded data set of climate (temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, humidity, and wind speed) and transient climate change scenarios based on coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM experiments, such as those with elevated greenhouse gases and sulfate aerosols.

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  • Vemap-2_AnnualClimate.pdf
  • Phase_2_User_Guide.pdf

Model Files

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Model File (Granule)File SizeDates 1.1MB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31 646.3KB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31 1.2MB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31 1.1MB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31 785.1KB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31 897.7KB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31 1.2MB 1895-01-01 - 1993-12-31

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