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Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS)

Data Set Overview

Data setGlobal Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS)
Release date2014-08-08
ProjectSoil Collection
Time period1995-01-01 to 1996-12-31

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Citations1820062016Publications citing this data set
Downloads3252014-08-132017-05-241271 total files downloaded


This data set contains global data on soil properties, global maps of soil distributions, and the SoilData System developed by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Data and Information System (IGBP-DIS). These data were originally distributed on CD-ROM, but are provided here as a single zip file. The SoilData System allows users to generate soil information and maps for geographic regions at soil depths and resolutions selected by the user. Derived surfaces of carbon density, nutrient status, water-holding capacity, and heat capacity are provided for modeling and inventory purposes.

Data set documentation


Global Soil Data Task. 2014. Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates 412.5MB 1995-01-01 - 1996-12-31

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  • igbp.pdf
  • readme.txt