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BOREAS ECMWF 6-hour Analysis and Forecast Data

Data Set Overview

Data setBOREAS ECMWF 6-hour Analysis and Forecast Data
Release date2000-03-24
ProjectBoreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS)
Time period1994-01-01 to 1996-12-31

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Citations120032003Publications citing this data set
Downloads13522008-07-302016-07-172372 total files downloaded


This data set contains parameters from three ECMWF data products -- Surface and Diagnostic Fields, Supplemental Fields, and Extension Data -- from 1994 to 1996. Spatially, the data are stored in a 0.5-by 0.5-degree latitude/longitude grid. To cover the entire BOREAS study area, the grid extends from 48 to 62 degrees latitude and -92 to -114 degrees longitude.

Data set documentation


BOREAS Staff Science. 2000. BOREAS ECMWF 6-Hour Analysis and Forcast Data. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

Access is restricted for BOREAS ECMWF 6-hour Analysis and Forecast Data . If you have questions about this product, please contact the ORNL DAAC User Support Office.

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