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NPP Tropical Forest: Marafunga, Papua New Guinea, 1970-1971, R1


DatasetNPP Tropical Forest: Marafunga, Papua New Guinea, 1970-1971, R1
Release date2013-10-17
Time period1969-01-01 to 1971-12-17

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This data set contains two ASCII files (.txt format), one providing net primary production (NPP) component data for a lower montane rainforest and the other providing climate data. The NPP studies were conducted at Marafunga (6.00 S 145.18 E) in the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the east of Mount Kerigomna, about 25 km west of the town of Goroka. LAI, litterfall, litter standing crop and decomposition, and nutrient content of different vegetation components were measured from November 1970 through December 1971 at four representative forest stands: Ridge Top; Ridge Gap; Valley; and Slope. Forest inventories and field measurements of above- and below-ground biomass were made by destructive harvest at a fifth stand (Ridge Top) during October-December 1970 and April-August 1971. The results of these studies are given for the forest at large. The only component of NPP determined at Marafunga was litterfall (755 g/m2/year).

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Edwards, P.J., and P.J. Grubb. 2013. NPP Tropical Forest: Marafunga, Papua New Guinea, 1970-1971, R1. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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mrf_npp.txt 3.6KB 1970-01-01 to 1971-12-17
mrf_cli.txt 1.8KB 1969-01-01 to 1971-06-30

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