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Visible and Near-Infrared Leaf Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP)


DatasetVisible and Near-Infrared Leaf Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP)
Release date1999-05-07
Time period1992-06-18 to 1993-05-27

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Downloads2062008-01-212017-11-071938 total files downloaded


Visible/NIR reflectance spectra data for both fresh and dry leaf samples were collected to determine the relationship of foliar chemical concentrations with reflectance.

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Aber, J.D., and M.E. Martin. 1999. Visible and Near-Infrared Leaf Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
bhi_d_sp.dat 1.2MB 1992-06-26 to 1992-06-29 43.63N89.76W
df_d_sp.dat 678.0KB 1992-11-06 to 1992-11-10 37.40N122.05W
df_f_sp.dat 686.2KB 1992-11-06 to 1992-11-10 37.40N122.05W
df_p_sp.dat 706.7KB 1992-11-06 to 1992-11-10 37.40N122.05W
hf_d_sp.dat 1.2MB 1992-06-18 to 1992-06-23 42.49N71.80W
how_d_sp.dat 1.2MB 1992-09-01 45.22N68.74W
jr_f_sp.dat 263.4KB 1992-06-30 to 1993-05-27 37.41N121.76W
map_f_sp.dat 813.8KB 1993-03-15 37.40N122.05W

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