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ORNL DAAC Data Set Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler)

Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler)
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Project: Soil Collections

Project: Soil Collections
The ORNL DAAC compiles, archives, and distributes data on the physical and chemical properties of soils. The data are gridded at spatial scales ranging from regional to global.

Data Set: Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler)

Data Set: Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler)
A global digital data base of soil properties is available at 1 degree longitude resolution. For each land cell, the data base includes major and associated soil units, surface texture, and slope; phase and miscellaneous land units are included where available. The data base was compiled as part of an effort to improve modeling of the hydrologic cycle in the GISS Genreal Circulation Model.

Detailed Documentation: Data Set Reference Document

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Zobler, L. 1999. Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler). Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/418


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All Data Taken At Latitude: 90.00N, Longitude: 180.00E

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