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Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leeman)


DatasetGlobal 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leeman)
Release date1999-05-05
Time period1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31

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Citations1120072015Publications citing this dataset
Downloads38622008-01-232017-12-1660159 total files downloaded


This database is a major update of the Leemans and Cramer database. It currently contains monthly averages of mean temperature, temperature range, precipitation, rain days and sunshine hours for the terrestrial surface of the globe, gridded at 0.5 degree longitude/latitude resolution. It was generated from a large data base, using the partial thin-plate splining algorithm.

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Cramer, W. P., and R. Leemans. 2001. Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leemans). ORNL DAAC, Oak Rigde, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
clou.grd 3.1MB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
cloud_binary.tar.gz 381.6KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
cloud_gridascii.tar.gz 534.3KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
prec.grd 4.6MB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
precip_binary.tar.gz 723.9KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
precip_gridascii.tar.gz 827.8KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
rd.grd 3.1MB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
rd_binary.tar.gz 209.3KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
rd_gridascii.tar.gz 306.9KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
tmean.grd 5.3MB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
tmean_binary.tar.gz 814.1KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
tmean_gridascii.tar.gz 1.1MB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
tran.grd 5.3MB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
tran_binary.tar.gz 518.4KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31
tran_gridascii.tar.gz 855.5KB 1930-01-01 to 1960-12-31

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  • cramer_leemans.pdf
  • readme.txt

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