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Boundary Layer Heights: SODAR (FIFE)

Data Set Overview

Data setBoundary Layer Heights: SODAR (FIFE)
Release date1994-07-24
ProjectFirst ISLSCP Field Experiment (FIFE)
Time period1987-05-26

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Downloads852008-01-082017-03-181532 total files downloaded


Inversion heights as measured using a Sodar by R.L. Coulter & M.L. Wesely

Data set documentation


Wesely, M. L. 1994. Boundary Layer Heights: SODAR (FIFE). Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. Also published in D. E. Strebel, D. R. Landis, K. F. Huemmrich, and B. W. Meeson (eds.), Collected Data of the First ISLSCP Field Experiment, Vol. 1: Surface Observations and Non-Image Data Sets. CD-ROM. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, U.S.A. (available from

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
71462731.sod 10.2KB 1987-05-26
71472731.sod 12.9KB 1987-05-27
71482731.sod 12.8KB 1987-05-28
71492731.sod 12.8KB 1987-05-29
71502731.sod 12.8KB 1987-05-30
71512731.sod 12.8KB 1987-05-31
71522731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-01
71532731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-02
71542731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-03
71552731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-04
71562731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-05
71572731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-06
71582731.sod 3.0KB 1987-06-07
71752731.sod 10.3KB 1987-06-24
71762731.sod 12.9KB 1987-06-25
71772731.sod 12.9KB 1987-06-26
71782731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-27
71792731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-28
71802731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-29
71812731.sod 12.8KB 1987-06-30
71822731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-01
71832731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-02
71842731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-03
71852731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-04
71862731.sod 12.6KB 1987-07-05
71872731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-06
71882731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-07
71892731.sod 12.9KB 1987-07-08
71902731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-09
71912731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-10
71922731.sod 12.8KB 1987-07-11
71932731.sod 3.0KB 1987-07-12
72172731.sod 10.3KB 1987-08-05
72182731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-06
72192731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-07
72202731.sod 12.9KB 1987-08-08
72212731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-09
72222731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-10
72232731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-11
72242731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-12
72252731.sod 12.9KB 1987-08-13
72262731.sod 12.9KB 1987-08-14
72272731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-15
72282731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-16
72292731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-17
72302731.sod 12.9KB 1987-08-18
72312731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-19
72322731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-20
72332731.sod 12.8KB 1987-08-21
72342731.sod 3.0KB 1987-08-22

Companion Files

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First ISLSCP Field Experiment (FIFE) has 8 companion files.

  • fife.doc
  • fifesite.tdf
  • instgrid.ref
  • tablgrid.ref
  • sitegrid.ext
  • fifesite.ref
  • gridtabl.ref
  • sitegrid.doc

Data set has 3 companion files.

  • sodar_bndry_layer_hts.pdf
  • sodar.tdf
  • sodar.doc