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CMS: LiDAR Data for Mangrove Forests in the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique, 2014


DatasetCMS: LiDAR Data for Mangrove Forests in the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique, 2014
Release date2017-12-06
Time period2014-05-05

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This data set provides high-resolution LiDAR point cloud data collected during surveys over mangrove forests in the Zambezi River Delta in Mozambique in May 2014. The data are arranged into 144 1- by 1-km tiles.

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Fatoyinbo, T., and C. Trettin. 2017. CMS: LiDAR Data for Mangrove Forests in the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique, 2014. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
ZambeziDelta119.laz 16.3MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta118.laz 22.7MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta117.laz 18.4MB 2014-05-05 18.88S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta115.laz 15.8MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.29E to 36.28E
ZambeziDelta114.laz 26.1MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.28E to 36.27E
ZambeziDelta113.laz 26.7MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta112.laz 17.7MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta111.laz 17.3MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta110.laz 15.1MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta109.laz 18.5MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta108.laz 19.0MB 2014-05-05 18.87S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta107.laz 20.5MB 2014-05-05 18.87S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta106.laz 24.7MB 2014-05-05 18.87S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta105.laz 25.6MB 2014-05-05 18.87S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta104.laz 29.4MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta103.laz 34.0MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta102.laz 3.0MB 2014-05-05 18.87S36.17E
ZambeziDelta101.laz 22.4MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.29E to 36.28E
ZambeziDelta100.laz 29.7MB 2014-05-05 18.86S36.28E to 36.27E
ZambeziDelta099.laz 24.3MB 2014-05-05 18.86S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta098.laz 23.5MB 2014-05-05 18.86S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta097.laz 23.2MB 2014-05-05 18.86S36.25E
ZambeziDelta096.laz 28.8MB 2014-05-05 18.86S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta095.laz 31.4MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta094.laz 35.1MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta093.laz 37.1MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta092.laz 39.2MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta091.laz 30.8MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta090.laz 31.3MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta089.laz 31.1MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta088.laz 11.3MB 2014-05-05 18.86S to 18.87S36.17E to 36.16E
ZambeziDelta087.laz 682.3KB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.29E to 36.28E
ZambeziDelta086.laz 26.3MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.28E to 36.27E
ZambeziDelta085.laz 43.9MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta084.laz 38.5MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta083.laz 39.3MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.25E
ZambeziDelta082.laz 30.9MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta081.laz 29.2MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta080.laz 31.3MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta079.laz 27.2MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta078.laz 22.3MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta077.laz 16.2MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta076.laz 24.2MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta075.laz 27.8MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta074.laz 22.2MB 2014-05-05 18.85S to 18.86S36.17E to 36.16E
ZambeziDelta072.laz 2.9MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.28E to 36.27E
ZambeziDelta071.laz 27.2MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta070.laz 20.6MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta069.laz 22.4MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta068.laz 21.2MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta067.laz 23.5MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta066.laz 24.9MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta065.laz 27.5MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta064.laz 24.6MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta063.laz 22.8MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta062.laz 25.2MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta061.laz 26.0MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta060.laz 22.9MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.17E to 36.16E
ZambeziDelta059.laz 2.4MB 2014-05-05 18.84S to 18.85S36.16E
ZambeziDelta058.laz 9.4MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta057.laz 25.7MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta056.laz 21.7MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta055.laz 21.6MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.24E
ZambeziDelta054.laz 25.0MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta053.laz 24.3MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta052.laz 23.8MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta051.laz 28.9MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta050.laz 26.6MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta049.laz 25.2MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta048.laz 22.8MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta047.laz 21.9MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.17E to 36.16E
ZambeziDelta046.laz 7.9MB 2014-05-05 18.83S to 18.84S36.16E to 36.15E
ZambeziDelta045.laz 111.2KB 2014-05-05 18.83S36.26E
ZambeziDelta044.laz 20.8MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta043.laz 25.5MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta042.laz 25.4MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.24E
ZambeziDelta041.laz 22.2MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta040.laz 23.4MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta039.laz 23.0MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta038.laz 29.1MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta037.laz 23.5MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta036.laz 20.3MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta035.laz 17.1MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta034.laz 17.8MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.17E to 36.16E
ZambeziDelta033.laz 14.4MB 2014-05-05 18.82S to 18.83S36.16E to 36.15E
ZambeziDelta032.laz 8.4KB 2014-05-05 18.82S36.15E
ZambeziDelta031.laz 8.2MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta030.laz 24.7MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta029.laz 18.2MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta028.laz 20.4MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta027.laz 27.3MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta026.laz 28.0MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta025.laz 20.4MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta024.laz 16.1MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta023.laz 15.1MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta022.laz 14.3MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta021.laz 9.8MB 2014-05-05 18.81S to 18.82S36.17E to 36.16E
ZambeziDelta020.laz 2.5MB 2014-05-05 18.82S36.16E to 36.15E
ZambeziDelta018.laz 85.7KB 2014-05-05 18.81S36.25E
ZambeziDelta017.laz 15.8MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta016.laz 20.4MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta015.laz 21.1MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.23E
ZambeziDelta014.laz 24.4MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta013.laz 19.0MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta012.laz 14.2MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta011.laz 8.8MB 2014-05-05 18.80S to 18.81S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta010.laz 5.2MB 2014-05-05 18.81S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta009.laz 527.6KB 2014-05-05 18.81S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta008.laz 1.6MB 2014-05-05 18.80S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta007.laz 20.3MB 2014-05-05 18.79S to 18.80S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta006.laz 18.9MB 2014-05-05 18.79S to 18.80S36.23E
ZambeziDelta005.laz 12.5MB 2014-05-05 18.79S to 18.80S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta004.laz 6.9MB 2014-05-05 18.80S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta003.laz 2.1MB 2014-05-05 18.80S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta002.laz 5.8MB 2014-05-05 18.79S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta001A.laz 35.0KB 2014-05-05 18.79S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta001.laz 3.2MB 2014-05-05 18.79S36.23E
ZambeziDelta120.laz 16.2MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta121.laz 16.2MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta122.laz 15.6MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta123.laz 16.5MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta124.laz 17.6MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta125.laz 23.4MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta126.laz 19.1MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.26E
ZambeziDelta127.laz 23.4MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta128.laz 22.9MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.28E to 36.27E
ZambeziDelta129.laz 4.2MB 2014-05-05 18.87S to 18.88S36.29E to 36.28E
ZambeziDelta130.laz 4.2MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.18E to 36.17E
ZambeziDelta131.laz 14.2MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta132.laz 15.5MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta133.laz 14.6MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta134.laz 15.6MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.22E to 36.21E
ZambeziDelta135.laz 14.6MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.23E to 36.22E
ZambeziDelta136.laz 15.5MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.24E to 36.23E
ZambeziDelta137.laz 11.4MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.25E to 36.24E
ZambeziDelta138.laz 10.5MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.26E to 36.25E
ZambeziDelta139.laz 7.5MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.26E
ZambeziDelta140.laz 2.6MB 2014-05-05 18.88S to 18.89S36.27E to 36.26E
ZambeziDelta141.laz 350.0KB 2014-05-05 18.88S36.28E to 36.27E
ZambeziDelta142.laz 330.6KB 2014-05-05 18.89S to 18.90S36.18E
ZambeziDelta143.laz 6.7MB 2014-05-05 18.89S to 18.90S36.19E to 36.18E
ZambeziDelta144.laz 5.1MB 2014-05-05 18.89S to 18.90S36.20E to 36.19E
ZambeziDelta145.laz 2.3MB 2014-05-05 18.89S to 18.90S36.21E to 36.20E
ZambeziDelta146.laz 54.4KB 2014-05-05 18.89S36.21E 309.3KB 2014-05-05 18.79S to 18.89S36.29E to 36.15E

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