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AMAZE-08 Aerosol Characterization and Meteorological Data, Central Amazon Basin: 2008


DatasetAMAZE-08 Aerosol Characterization and Meteorological Data, Central Amazon Basin: 2008
Release date2016-08-09
Time period2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21

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This data set provides measurements from the Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment (AMAZE-08) carried out during the wet season from February 4 to March 21, 2008 in the central Amazon Basin. Aerosol and atmospheric samples and measurements were collected at Tower TT34 located 60 km NNW of downtown Manaus, and at Tower K34, located 1.6 km from the TT34 site. Physical characterization of aerosols included size, mass, and number distributions and light scattering properties. Chemical characterization included mass concentrations of organics, major anions and cations, and trace metals. Aerosol sources were estimated with measurements of black carbon and biogenic particles. Meteorological and atmospheric conditions including relative humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, rain, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), downward and upward solar irradiance, and condensation nuclei were measured. Atmospheric trace gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were sampled and analyzed.

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Martin, S.T., P.E. Artaxo, Q. Chen, A.B. Guenther, S.S. Gunthe, J.L. Jimenez, A. Manzi, K.L. Prenni, U. Poschl, J. Schneider, and E. Swietlicki. 2016. AMAZE-08 Aerosol Characterization and Meteorological Data, Central Amazon Basin: 2008. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
AMAZE08_AMS_Harvard_ElementalRatios_Martin.csv 169.1KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_AMS_Harvard_MassConcentrations_MARTIN.csv 376.3KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_AMS_Harvard_PMFfactorLoadings_Martin.csv 309.0KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_AMS_Harvard_SonicAnemometer_JIMENEZ.csv 170.6KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_AMS_MPI_MassConcentrations_SCHNEIDER.csv 1.1MB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Aethelometer_ARTAXO.csv 44.4KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CCN_KappaValue_ActivationDiam_0_10_SS_POESCHL.csv 8.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CCN_KappaValue_ActivationDiam_0_19_SS_POESCHL.csv 10.0KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CCN_KappaValue_ActivationDiam_0_28_SS_POESCHL.csv 9.9KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CCN_KappaValue_ActivationDiam_0_46_SS_POESCHL.csv 9.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CCN_KappaValue_ActivationDiam_0_82_SS_POESCHL.csv 9.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CFDC_PRENNI.csv 25.6KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_CPC_SCHNEIDER.csv 2.0MB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Environmental_tower_ground_MARTIN.csv 653.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_FILTER_Dichotomous_ICandOCanalysis_FineCoarse_ARTAXO.csv 9.3KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Filter_ICanalysis_SFU_Fine_Coarse_ARTAXO.csv 5.7KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Filter_ICanalysis_Total_ARTAXO.csv 3.1KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Filter_PIXEanalysis_SFU_fine_coarse_ARTAXO.csv 7.7KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Filter_PIXEanalysis_Total_ARTAXO.csv 3.9KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Harvard_Enviro_SamplingLine_Martin.csv 277.5KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_MAAP_ARTAXO.csv 23.7KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_MixingRatios_GUENTHER.csv 784.9KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Nephelometer_ARTAXO.csv 993.9KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_OPC_GRIMM_SCHNEIDER.csv 744.0KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_OPC_WELAS_ResearchTrailer_SCHNEIDER.csv 326.0KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_OPC_WELAS_TopTower_SCHNEIDER.csv 118.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_PAR_MANZI.csv 50.2KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_Pyranometer_MANZI.csv 70.3KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_RAINFALL_MARTIN.csv 453.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_SMPS_Concentrations_SWIETLICKI.csv 629.8KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_SMPS_Diameters_SWIETLICKI.csv 630.9KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_SMPS_IntegratedQuantities_SWIETLICKI.csv 145.5KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_SonicAnemometer_GUENTHER.csv 66.5KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_SunTimes_MARTIN.csv 4.3KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_TraceGases_GUENTHER.csv 54.7KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21
AMAZE08_UVAPS_POESCHL.csv 245.9KB 2008-02-05 to 2008-04-21

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