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BOREAS Workshop in Portland Oregon, March 1998

April 1998 -- BOREAS investigators met in Portland Oregon for an important meeting and workshop (March 24 to 26, 1998). There were discussions on finalizing the BOREAS data, the creation of the new BOREAS CD-ROM set, talks from current BOREAS Investigators, and talks from the new BOREAS Guest Investigators. Another meeting has been tenatively scheduled for early 1999 in Florida.

The BOREAS Guest Investigator Program is Seeking New Proposals

June 1997 -- The BOREAS Guest Investigator Program is seeking new proposals for additional research that exploits the BOREAS data set. Click here to see information on submitting a new BOREAS proposal.

BOREAS Workshop in Annapolis Maryland, March 1997

March 1997 -- BOREAS investigators met in Annapolis, Maryland, for an important meeting and workshop (March 18 to 21, 1997). They discussed the completed field campaigns in 1996, finishing data deliveries, and the BOREAS Guest Investigator Program.

BOREAS Has Completed IFC-3 1996

November, 1996 -- The Third Intensive Field Campaign for 1996 (IFC-3 '96) ran from October 1, 1996 to October 20, 1996. This IFC tried to get a better record of the plants shutting down for the winter. There is no writup on IFC-3 '96 yet, but we hope to have it soon.

BOREAS Has Completed IFC-2 for 1996

August 1996 -- The Second Intensive Field Campaign for 1996 (IFC-2 '96) ran from July 8, 1996 to August 9, 1996. This critical IFC concentrated on understanding energy-water-carbon exchanges between the boreal forest and the atmosphere, and in gathering supporting airborne and satellite remote sensing data. Click here to read a detailed description of IFC-2 '96.

Piers Sellers Picked for Astronaut Corps

July 1996 -- Piers Sellers (BOREAS Project Scientist) has been selected as a member of NASA's newest astronaut class. He will train extensively at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and be a part of at least two flights on the Space Shuttle during his 5 years in the program. Click here to read more about Piers Sellers in space...

Fires in the BOREAS Southern Study Area

June 18, 1996 -- There are numerous fires burning in the Southern Study Area (click here to see map). It looks like none of them pose a major threat to BOREAS sites at present, but we will be keeping an eye on them. There are several fires in Prince Albert National Park (PANP), including a large fire burning out of control near Crean Lake (northern PANP). Also, fires in the center of the SSA caused Rt. 913 to be closed late last week, but has been reopened now.
For BOREAS Investigators: It is a good idea to get a fire update before leaving for the field. You can visit the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System (CFFWIS) for current fire maps of Canada, or contact Dan Hodkinson (301-286-3621) or the Saskatchewan Natural Resource office in Smeaton (306-426-2611). Also, if you smoke, please carry a metal tin for your cigarette butts.

BOREAS Workshop in Toronto, May 1996

May 1996 -- BOREAS investigators met in Toronto, Canada for an important meeting and workshop (May 21 to May 25, 1996). They discussed the two completed field campaigns in 1996 and planned for IFC-2 and IFC-3 in 1996. Click here to see the itinerary of the workshop.

BOREAS Has Completed IFC-1 for 1996

May 1996 -- The First Intensive Field Campaign for 1996 (IFC-1 '96) ran from April 2, 1996 to April 28, 1996. Several teams arrived to do snow studies and to start long-term monitoring studies that will run till winter. Click here to read a detailed description of IFC-1 '96.

BOREAS Has Completed the 1996 Winter Campaign

April 1996 -- The Winter Focused Field Campaign (FFC-W '96) ran from February 27, 1996 to March 15, 1996. Several teams arrived in the SSA to do snow studies and the new C-130Q flew some runs over the site. Click here to read a detailed description of FFC-W '96.

BOREAS is Going Back to the Field in 1996

January 1996 -- BOREAS is returning to the field for three campaigns, winter/spring, summer, and autumn. This is to address some major shortcomings in the 1994 data sets, and to try and answer some unresolved questions raised by the 1994 data. Click here to read a detailed description of these questions.

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