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BOREAS Workshop in Toronto(May 1996)

BOREAS investigators met at University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Toronto, Canada for an important meeting and workshop, from May 21, 1996 to May 25, 1996. This was used to report on team activities and findings for FFC-W '96 and IFC-1 '96, and to make detailed plans for IFC-2' 96 and IFC-3 '96.

Toronto BOREAS Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Tuesday, May 21, 1996

0900 Welcome, opening remarks U. Toronto/Goodison Wickland et al 0930 Agenda Review Sellers Charge to Workshop (1) Review current status of the science in BOREAS (2) Map out future research directions (3) Further recommendations on long-term measurements (4) Company business 0945 Update on Project Status BOREAS-96 et seq. Sellers et al. (25) BORIS Newcomer (20) 1030 Coffee Break 1045 Summary of AMS BOREAS session Lettenmeier (10) Carbon modeling workshop Frolking et al. (20) Long-term Canadian plans for BOREAS Goodison et al. (15) Agency viewpoints on the long-term Wickland et al. (15) 1145 Discussion of the above and of the charge 1215 Lunch 1315 Science Presentations (15 minutes each) AFM Overview Kelly/Betts AFM science presentation Desjardins TF Overview Black TF science presentation Goulden/Wofsy TE Overview Margolis TE science presentation Flanagan TGB Overview Crill TGB science presentation Trumbore 1530 Coffee Break 1600 Breakout into Science teams to work BORIS issues Separate rooms for each team plus BORIS reps AFM, TF, TE, TGB, HYD, RSS 1715 Quit for day 1730 Social, cocktails, posters

Day 2: Wednesday, May 22, 1996

0830 Reconvene HYD Overview Lettenmeier HYD science presentation Davis RSS Overview Ranson RSS science presentation Miller 0930 Brief summaries of poster session Group Chairs 1000 Break 1030 Rest of the day spent with posters and/or individualscience meetings 1215 Lunch 1315 Posters, individual science meetings continue

Day 3: Thursday, May 23, 1996

0830 Reconvene in Plenary Review of Special Issue(s) Plans JGR Sellers Tree Physiology Ryan and Margolis Ag Met Baldocchi Others, Discussion 0915 Discussion of breakout groups, membership, charges and writing assignments: Carbon Modeling Long-term measurements, Post-BOREAS NWP and Mesoscale modeling RSS development Hydrometeorological models TGB and TE Site-level (TF) model validation Large-area flux modeling 1000 Break into break-out groups for the rest of the day. 1700 Quit for day.

Day 4: Friday, May 24, 1996

0830 Reconvene in Plenary Breakout group reports (15 minutes each) Discussion 1030 Coffee Break 1045 Overview of Plans for BOREAS-97 and onwards Review of Actions Closing thoughts from BCC Wickland et al. Honors and prize-giving BOG 1215 Close

Scheduled Talks and Posters


Kelly, Bob AFM-2 Ken Davis AFM-3 Talk: "Boundary layer evolution and regional flux observations from the NCAR Electra during BOREAS-94" Poster: "Regional fluxes observed by the Electra" Desjardins, Raymond AFM-4, TF-7 Talk: "Scaling up flux measurements for the boreal forest using the aircraft-tower combination" Barr, Alan AFM-5 Shewchuk, Stanley AFM-7 Poster: "The mesoscale distribution of soil moisture over the SRC/NASA mesonet sites for the IFC periods of 1994" Betts, Alan AFM-8 Talk: "Comparison of Global models with BOREAS Data" Mahrt, Larry AFM-11 Poster: "Relationship of heat fluxes and aerodynamics temperature to remotely sensed variables and spatially averaged fluxes" Sun, Jielun Sun AFM-11 Talk: "Lake-induced atmospheric circulations during BOREAS" Steyaert, Lou AFM-12 Talk: "Experimental land cover mapping of the BOREAS region with multitemporal 1-km AVHRR" Poster: SAME Pielke, Roger AND Pier Luigi Vidale AFM-12 Poster: "Effects of mesoscale circulations over BOREAS"


Bubier, Jill TGB-1 Poster: "CH4 emissions from NSA fen" (with TGB-3) and "Spectral reflectance measurements of boreal mosses" (with TGB-3 also) Moore, Tim TGB-3 title could be: CO2 flux in wetlands, NSA (bellisario et al) CH4 flux in wetlands, NSA (bubier et al) CO2/CH4 flux in uplands (savage et al) Young, Valerie TGB-9 Poster: "Long-term measurements of non-methane hydrocarbons in the BOREAS Southern Study Area" Kieser, Byron TGB-9 Poster: "Isoprene and Monoterpene fluxes from the Old Aspen, Old Jack Pine, and Old Black Pruce TF sites"


Margolis, Hank and Quing Dang Middleton, Elizabeth TE-10 Talk: "Leaf characeristics and physiology for boreal forest apecies at the SSA tower site" Frolking. Steve TE-19 Poster: "Seasonal sensitivity of black spruce carbon balance" Fournier, Richard TE-23, TE-9 Poster: "Detailed canopy geometry to simulate light regime"


Anderson, Dean TF-4 Pattey, Elizabeth TF-7 Poster: "Comparison of mass and energy fluxes measured in 1994 at two different highets above an old black psruce stand in the southern site area during BOREAS" Jarvis, Paul TF-9 Talk: "Hanging in the balances: carbon, water and energy (much the same as last time)"


Loechel, Sara RSS-3 Talk or: "Spatial and temporal variabiliy of surface cover at Poster BOREAS using reflectances from a helicopter platform" Myneni, Ranga RSS-7 Poster: "Boreal forest reflectance model" Saatchi, Sasan RSS-16 Talk or "The effect of moss layer in mapping and estimating Poster: surface parameters over boreal forest using SAR imagery" Way, Joebea, Kyle McDonald, P. Zimmerman RSS-17 Talk: "Winter and spring thaw as observed with imageing radar at BOREAS" Miller, John RSS-19


Davis, Bert and Janet Hardy (maybe) HYD-3 Harding, Richard HYD-5 Talk: "Fluxes and circulations over a forest/frozen lake mosiac"

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