The BOREAS Information System

BOREAS is Going Back in the Field in 1996

BOREAS Investigators will be back in the field for four campaigns in 1996. There will be a limited winter campaign (FFC-W '96, February), a small spring/thaw campaign (IFC-1 '96, April), a large summer campaign (IFC-2 '96, July), and a large autumn campaign (IFC-3 '96, October).

Major Shortcomings in the 1994 Data

There are several reasons for BOREAS investigators return to the field for further study. They include some major shortcomings in the 1994 data sets, and some unresolved issues (see below).

Open or Unresolved Issues From BOREAS 94

In addition to these shortcomings, there are some open issues or gaps in our understanding.

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Last Updated: June 20, 1996